6 Tips For Designing Marketing Materials

If you’re wondering how to design marketing materials effectively, this article provides you with some great tips. But, we first need to understand the basic marketing materials there are, and then we’ll discuss some tips that apply to all of them.

Types of Marketing Materials

There are five basic marketing materials that almost all businesses use in their campaigns. Some are more effective than others, but they all serve the same purpose. These materials include:

  • Destination guides: These are materials that contain information about travel You might come across these when you look for your next vacation destination.
  • Leaflets: They contain services and basic information about those services. For example, cleaning services, their working hours, and their cost You’ve seen a few of these.
  • Product brochures: These promote products and their features. For example, a new type of TV is available only at one store chain, a new washing machine, and the features separate it from the other generic
  • Display materials: All materials that we want to show to the public, a sign saying that something is on sale, billboards,
  • Advertising materials: These include printed materials, blogs on the internet, online ads, radio ads, those ads on buses,


6 Tips For Effective Marketing Material Design

There are many ways we can design any type of marketing material, and in most cases, they will work to some extent. However, if we want to design marketing materials that will be effective and turn into conversions, we should consider these 6 tips.

1.   Hiring professional designers

You can always do a bit of work that looks like a professional has done it using a good media file editor. But, when you’re running a business and don’t want to think about how you can design the materials, hiring professional designers is the best way to go.

Usually, this is the right answer because they know exactly what they need to do. Plus, you don’t have to worry about any of the design steps.

2.   Look at previous materials

If you’re a designer, or a business owner looking to take on design, then you should look at the previous materials you and others used. Try to analyze these materials to figure out which ones worked and which ones didn’t, and why.

3.   Printed materials

Don’t underestimate printed materials, these are quite important in any advertising effort. Make them as visual as possible, as the target audience won’t waste too much time on long monotonous texts describing services or products with no images.

4.   Think about the logo

The logo should be on any type of marketing material you design. Dedicate a significant amount of time to designing the logo. Keep it simple, a good logo should contain two or three colors, adding to a good deal might seem confusing and misleading.

5.   Stick with the right colors

While we’re on the subject of colors, try to pick the ones based on their psychological associations and implications:

  • White: We usually associate it with absence, cleanliness, purity, a whiteboard, or a clean So, if you’re into cleaning services, you should include it in the logo and combine it with another color.
  • Black: It’s a slimming color, and when we wear something black, we look So, we can use it to adjust the sizes of items in our design. Also, it reminds us about strength, and it shouldn’t be used too much.
  • Red: Associated with appetite, and we can notice it in materials advertising foods and It stimulates us because by looking at red we get higher blood pressure and heart rate.
  • Blue: Most men prefer the blue color, and the water is blue, the sky is blue. Also, it associates us with peace, safety, and The blue color stimulates productivity.
  • Green: What’s green besides trees? Ergo, green is associated with wealth. But, it’s also associated with nature and health. So, it has a calming effect on people.

6.   Think about the layout

Finally, we need to think about the layout of our marketing materials. When we figure out the colors, the logo, and the type of materials we want to use, we need to think about the layout of both printed and digital materials.

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