A new report warns of the severe impact of climate change on human health!

On 20th October a new report was published. The reports warn of the severe impact of climate change on human health, worsening day by day. Droughts will affect food production; rising temperatures will spread malaria and cholera. The current climate trends indicate a “code red” for future health.

The Lancet Countdown report is published annually. It tracks 44 metrics of the health impacts of climate change and includes the effects of climate change on infectious disease transmission and food production. The research consists of experts affiliated with more than 40 UN groups and educational institutions.

According to the report, in 2020, for six months, 516 million people were affected by 84 disasters from droughts and floods and storms in countries badly affected by the pandemic. The report by Lancet Countdown reveals that the world is going through a global health crisis. The world has made little progress in protecting its population from climate change, which has impacted health badly health impacts.

Climate impacts on health include –

  • increased droughts affecting food production
  • more severe natural disasters putting burdens on health care systems
  • rising temperatures causing the spread of infectious pathogens.

More than 1000 deaths were recorded due to record-breaking heatwaves in the US Pacific Northwest caused by climate change. The report suggested that rising temperatures have increased the number of months where malaria is transmissible and the number of areas suitable for cholera transmission. Zika and Dengue increased globally. Climate change along with urbanization and global mobility is the main cause of the dengue virus.

In recovery from Covid, the world has invested lots of resources but has not taken those resources in a green recovery. If people want to invest in a healthier future then this is the time. As per the report, there is a need for global climate action on global health. Without the vaccination available across all countries and societies, Covid will continue to put health at risk. In order to address climate change, all countries will have to deliver an urgent and coordinated response.

The report says,” By directing the trillions of dollars that will be committed to Covid-19 recovery towards the WHO’s prescriptions for a healthy, green recovery, the world could meet the Paris Agreement goals, protect the natural systems that support well-being, and minimize inequities through reduced health effects and maximized co-benefits of a universal low-carbon transition.”

Climate change is the most significant health crisis that the world is facing right now. According to experts, Covid offers a better way to prepare for climate change as a health crisis. Humans have spent many years talking and preparing for a pandemic, but actually, they were not prepared. The infrastructure needed to handle pandemics were not in place.

 Humans will have the same things happen as they have not made proper investments in adaptation related to climate change. New researchers are the need of the hour that is less focused on a forecast for climate change. The research should focus more on predictions of the future effects of global warming and how to handle them. 



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