About 10 years after its release, iOS 4 is re-released as a mobile application

iOS 4 first appeared about 10 years ago and was Apple’s first mobile operating system to remove the naming convention from the iPhone operating system. An 18-year-old developer kindly recreated iOS 4 as an iPhone app, which is a beautiful explosion of the past. If you have never had the opportunity to use iOS 4, or you are a fan of iPhone 3G, OldOS can almost seamlessly realize the experience of using the iPhone ten years ago. IOS 4 introduced folders on the home screen, significantly increasing the number of applications that can be displayed. Also added support for custom wallpapers, but limited to newer devices due to animation performance requirements. 

The operating system also adds multitasking capabilities, allowing applications that handle Internet calls, location, and audio playback to work in the background, while the similar but more restricted “app fast switching” technology allows any application to be idle in the background as the user When switching. To other applications. iOS 4 also added a system-wide spell check function, enabled iBooks on the iPhone, unified email inboxes to merge content from different email providers, and introduced Game Center for social games and FaceTime for video calls. Zane, the developer of the app, said that “OldOS” “is designed to be as pixel-perfect as possible.” Everything is built with Apple’s SwiftUI, so it includes buttery smooth animations and even the old home button. 

The iPhone uses tactile vibration feedback to make it feel like a real button. Apple’s built-in iOS 4 application is also recreated here, and each time it is released, it is a true flashback to the rough days of the iPhone. Photos allow you to view your existing camera roll as it was 10 years ago, and Notes brings you back to the yellow sticky notes of yesteryear. The only apps that don’t work are Messages and YouTube. Apple has incorporated YouTube directly into its operating system in the past, and the developers behind OldOS said that “YouTube still has some major problems” and the news they are working to fix. Everything else is almost perfect. with. You can even browse the web in the old Safari UI. The App Store also lists apps that can redirect you to the modern store for download and installation. Some things don’t work, including folders and the lack of actions to rearrange the home screen apps. 

We have seen these nostalgic apps on the iPhone before. Rewound was launched in the App Store in December 2019, turning the iPhone into an iPod. A few days later, Apple quickly removed the app on the grounds of store violations. This latest OldOS application is available from Apple’s TestFlight service, which is usually used to distribute test versions of the application. This means that it may not take long for Apple to make an exception, so grab it as much as possible. Zane also released the source code of the entire project on GitHub, so if you are willing to compile it into Xcode, it will always exist.

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