Actor Michael Nader dies at the age of 76!

American actor Michael Nader, famously role for his work in TV shows and soap operas like “All My Children” and “Dynasty,” is no more.

Nader died in his home in California at the age of 76 due to cancer on Monday. The news was announced by Nader’s wife Jodi Lister via statement. The statement read, “With heavy heart, I’m sharing the news of the passing of my beloved, Michael. We had 18 wonderful years together with the many dogs we fostered and adopted.”

Lister further stated, “Recently, Michael was so thrilled to reconnect with his friends from the cast of Dynasty during Emma Samms virtual event to help raise funds for Long-Covid research. He was a beautiful and fascinating man with many talents and skills. I will miss him forever.”

Moreover, the news was also confirmed by the late actor’s manager Richard Schwartz, who stated that Nader died at his home in California on Monday.

According to the reports, the “Dynasty” star was surrounded by his wife Jodi Lister and their rescue dog Storm, when he took his last breath. As mentioned above, Nader died due an untreatable form of cancer, and his battle was not long.

Nader was a legendary star of the television world, and had long career spanning several decades. Born in Missouri in 1945, Nader began his acting career in 1963. Initially, Michael was seen doing small roles in several of American International Pictures Beach Party films. He finally got his first professional gig in the 1965–66 TV series titled “Gidget.”

Subsequently, the late star was featured in a small role the 1968 film “Blue.” Slowly, Nader earned recognition as he appeared on the CBS show “As the World Turns” in which he played the role Kevin Thompson. It was followed by the role of Alexi Theopolis in the NBC prime time soap opera “Bare Essence.”

However, the role that earned Nader prominence and popularity was Dexter in the prime time opera show “Dynasty.” Nader was starred opposite Joan Collins, who played the role of his wife Alexis Colby. The show began in 1983 and Nader remained a part of till its end in 1989.

Another such role, that popularized Nader as an excellent actor was in the 1991 soap opera “All My Children.” In the show, Nader played the role of Dimitri Marick, who was Erica Cane’s (Susan Lucci) husband.

Other than that, Michael has also appeared in movies like “The Great Escape II: The Untold Story” and “Lady Mobster.” Later in 1990, he portrayed Enzio Bonnatti in the miniseries titled “Lucky Chances.” Additionally, the late actor has also worked in some other TV series such as The Flash (1991), Law And Order: SVU (2002), and Cold Case (2009).

Nader’s latest and last work as an actor was in 2013, when he retrieved the role of Dimitri Marick for the online revival of the soap opera “All My Children.”

As the news of Michael’s death was announced, his fellow actors, fans and other celebrities took it to social media to remember and pay tribute to Michael Nader. His “Dynasty” colleague Joan Collins, who played Nader’s wife Alexis Colby on the show, shared a picture of her and Nader from their younger days and remembered the actor.

Joan wrote, “Very sad to hear of the death of my on-screen husband and lover #michaelnader aka #dexdexter – I loved working with him and his character was a wonderful mixture of tough and tender. #alexis was crazy to keep on rejecting him! #rip #ripmichaelnader”

Back in 1984, in an interview, Nader had opened up about his chemistry with Joan and how he got into playing a character in the show “Dynasty”. The actor had said at the time, “It took a while for them (makers) to make a decision. The scuttlebutt was that they wanted kind of a Midwestern, good-looking, model type, and here comes this dark, swarthy, sophisticated guy,’ Nader said referring to himself. But the energy that Joan and I had was what became the final statement. Joan and I had real charisma. And it was my time to pop.’

English actress and TV host, Emma Samms, also paid a tribute to the late star. Taking it to Twitter, Emma wrote, “Incredibly sad news about Michael Nader. What a blessing it was to have had his participation and support for out Dynasty Reunion fundraiser back in March. Thinking of his wife Jodi and sending condolences to all of his many fans.”

Michael Nader was married to Jodi Lister and they had a marriage of 18 years. Before Jodi, Nader had dated actress Ellen Barber and their relationship lasted for 10 years. Subsequently, the actor got married Robin Weiss in 1984 and they had a daughter together.

Back when Nader made a comeback to the world of soap operas with “All My Children” after doing a few films, he had said that he felt no pressure of nervousness returning to the shows.

Refering to “All My Children” shooting days, Nader told at the time, “I thought I would be nervous my first little day on set, but I was only nervous for the first beat, because it was one of those reveal things where you have to time it just right, and so for that moment my actor head goes, “Not real.  Not real.”  But then I let it go and it was just fine.  So for the first few weeks, I think I will be drifting in and out, and then I got some scripts where I get busy with JR.

Remembering Michael Nader, Sean Kanan, the Emmy winning creator of the series “Studio City,” tweeted, “I was so sorry to hear that Michael Nader passed away. He and I played father and son in Perry Mason: The Case if the Maligned Mobster. We spent some time together and he was a very authentic person. My sincerest condolences to his family. RIP Michael.”

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