Alex Turner thinks it’s music that does magic and not him!

An English musician, Alex Turner, is also a singer, songwriter, and record producer. He is known as the leader and songwriter of the rock band Arctic Monkeys. With them, he has released six albums. He has also recorded with his side project the last show puppet and it would be no wrong to say that he is the brightest solo artist as one could go on and on watching his mesmerizing performances and would undoubtedly turn head over heels for him. It is going to be amazing and no doubt there is always a package of hidden passion, zeal, and astonishing enthusiasm in his performances.

Quotes By Alex Turner:

Guitar music or rock n’ roll or whatever you want to call it has always been trendy. but it’ll never go away completely as it can’t die because it’s so fundamentally attractive.

Someone asked me what the key to being such a great leader was? I think having a sense of humor would absolutely do. It is a great thing for me It’s a very strange place to be in.  I don’t take tend to take it honestly.

Songwriters always reminded me of those children who would go around with their guitar. like, Yeah, a songwritin’ man looking wistful. That wasn’t me. Those kinds of people put me off. Initially, I did write a bunch of lyrics and looked at them. It seemed all joke, to make the rest of the boys laugh.

I know my lyrics have been alien to some ears.  They’re not weird to me because I know where they come from.

I’m in a difficult position in a place where I will be the attention. I get up on stage every night and play songs and I  feel the songs are the center of attention. I don’t like opening my birthday presents, not in front of everyone.

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