Andre 3000: Here is the list of best songs by Andre 3000 after he went solo!

We all know Andre 3000 or Andre Lauren Benjamin from the legendary hip hop duo “Outkast”. He has been listed as one of the top 10 rappers of all time. Moreover, besides music, Andre is also known to be an actor, entrepreneur and an animal rights advocate. However, today we are here to enlist some of the great songs made by or featuring Andre 3000 ever since he began his solo career. Let’s begin!

Come Home

The first in the list of great songs by Andre 3000 from his solo career is “Come Home”. This song is the most recent one, in which Andre collaborated with Anderson Paak. This song is a part of Paak’s fourth album “Ventura”. Not only did Andre sing in it, but also contributed as one of the writers along with Brandon Anderson and Jairus Mozee. The album was released in 2019 and was greatly loved by the audience.

To specifically talk about “Come Home”, Andre was greatly appreciated for his technique of writing the song, which made a rewarding listening experience for the audience. Moreover, the song won a Grammy Award in 2020, for best R&B Performance.


The song “Party” is the fourth single from Beyonce’s album “4”. It features guest vocals from Andre 3000, along with J. Cole, Kanye West and Consequence. Certainly, with such legendary artists on the song, “Party” has received high critical appreciation. However, the person who shone out in the song was Andre 3000. Not only the audience, but the music critics praised Andre’s verses. Moreover, Rolling Stone wrote, “Andre 3000 is sharp and effortlessly charismatic oh his rapped verse…”

Above all, “Party” was nominated in the 54th Grammy Awards for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration. It also won an ASCAP Rhythm and Soul Awards in 2013.

I Do

“I Do” is known to be the part of Young Jeezy’s fourth album “Thug Motivation 103” featuring Jay-Z and Andre 3000. But the background story of the song says that “I Do” was initially recorded by Andre for his debut solo album. However, it was then given to Young Jeezy for “The Inspiration”. Unfortunately, Andre 3000’s verse got leaked in 2010 but was featured on Young Jeezy’s “The Motivation 300”.

Moreover, a remix of “I Do” by Yelawolf and Los was released with an additional verse by Drake in 2012. Again, the remix version became a hit as well just like the original. The song not only peaked on the charts but was also nominated for Grammy in 2013 for Best Rap Performance.

Green Light

Throughout his solo career, Andre 3000 has collaborated with the legendary artists of all time. One of them was John Legend when the two artists came together for “Green Light”. Moreover, the song not only features Andre’s vocals, but he also worked as the writer.

Just like every other Andre song, Green Light was critically acclaimed as well. It also performed well on the charts and got a Grammy Nomination for Best Rap/Sung Collaboration. Moreover, the pair of Legend and Andre 3000 was called an “absolute musical match”. It was also said that “Green Light” was benefited by Andre’s “upstaging” and “off-the-cuff” appearance.

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