Apple is planning to redesign its new iPhone models with flat sides and a small notch

A report publishing the details about most of Apple’s device roadmap for 2020, which includes four new iPhones models with an extensive buzz. Apple is planning to redesign its iPhone Pro structure with flat edges similar to one of the present iPad Pro. The plan confirming with Ming-chi Kuo’s survey from the previous year. As per Kuo’s claims the glass screen will still be a bit curvy, whereas Bloomberg expects it to be flat.

A report by Bloomberg mentioned it’s going be two models of iPhone Pro having three cameras on the rear, which will feature LIDAR 3D-scanning structure of the new iPad Pro. Though, it has not been clear if it will hold the spot of one of the iPhone 11 Pro’s current three cameras.

According to the report, the huge iPhone Pro will consist of “a bit larger” screen than that of iPhone 11 Pro Max’s with a 6.5-inch console. And, even the Face ID notch will “probable” are lower in size. Kuo had foreseen in the previous year about the Pro models coming with 5.4 inches and 6.7 inches screen sizes.

Apple said there will be no impact of Coronavirus pandemic for the delays, as reported to Bloomberg, though a few iPhone models will end up launching weeks next than normal.

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