Apple Watch Series 7: A better version of Apple Watch Series 6!

Along with the new updates, features, and devices, Apple is set to launch the new Apple Watch Series 7 on 15th October, and the reviews and comments are already in. This time, Apple Watch Series has stood out for its screen, which is biggest than any Apple Watch so far.

The all-new Apple smart watch’s cost starts at $399, which comes with a new screen, which gives screen coverage of an extra 20% than the previous series. Therefore, the Apple watch series 7 is being considered to be a better version of series 6. With a roomier display, the new series 7 watch comes with a QWERTY keyboard as well.

Apple’s new watch series has been made more durable and dust resistant. Moreover, it can charge at a faster pace, which is 33% faster than the series 6 watches. Additionally, the new series offers an aluminum casing, which comes in all different colors.

Other than that, the series 7 Apple watches have similar features to that of series 6 watches. But this one includes more premium features like blood oxygen saturation measurements, which is absent from the Apple Watch SE. However, some of the technical professionals and critics stated that the upgrade was not as per their expectations, which was mainly based on all the amazing updates and features that Apple introduced in the previous updates.

Instead of a major upgrade, people are rather referring to the Apple watch series 7 as a better and refined version of the Apple watch series 6. Besides, the price is also the same as its predecessors. Therefore, the series 7 Apple watches are a great choice for first-time Apple-buyers or for those who are looking to upgrade from their old watches.

However, experts also suggest that those who own the Apple series 6 watch can miss on buying the new series 7 watch as it is quite similar to the former. But, those who have been stuck on an older or aging version such as series 3 can affirmatively go for series 7 as it will be a great upgrade for them.

The significant change or feature of the series 7 Apple watches is the enlarged screen. Apple has cut down on the border space of the watch and introduced a spacious display for the users. Therefore, the new measurement of the Apple series 7 watch makes to 41-millimeter and 45mm size options, as compared to the 40mm and 44mm casing of the Series 6.

Apple series 7 watches have introduced dust resistance features for the first time with IP6X dust resistance and a front crystal cover. The crystal cover is about 50mm thicker, and the corners of the watch are soft and more round.

The model Apple series 7 watch is made of aluminum, and it comes in five new colors. The customers can now choose from midnight, starlight, green, and updated blue and red options. These new shades are lighter than the already available shades in series 6. Moreover, the new series also includes a new font size to change the font as per the user’s requirement.

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