Apple’s next iPad Pro has wireless charging and a glass back!

apple ipads

Apple is redesigning its iPad pro that will now include a wireless charging option. To accommodate this technology iPad will now have a glass back in new upcoming models. Previous iPad models were made of aluminum, now replaced by glass.

The company has used the same strategy with iPhones as well. First, it was an aluminum design and later changed to glass ones for iPhone 8. The tech giant is also testing a magnetic charging system to allow users with wireless charging. Last year the company was planning to incorporate reverse charging which can immediately transform itself into a wireless charging portal.

This month Apple has released an M1 iPad Pro with a LED display, and this charging option will not be ready yet. According to Bloomberg, the company plans to redesign iPads next year with narrower screen bezels. The reports by the print media said that “the removal of its home button has also been tested.”

There will be other developments as well. iPad will also be available in thinner versions. The new smaller versions are likely to accessible by the end of the year. Bloomberg also specified that there would be a MagSafe system in more recent versions of iPad Pro.

There will be a reverse charging system that will allow users to charge other gadgets as well. The company has been working on these new developments for so many years. The products are still in the testing phase, and all these things will be in the new iPhone 11 and iPhone 12.

In the new Pro version, there will be a charging mat that can power iPads,iPhones, and AirPods simultaneously. But this project was canceled by the company as it could not solve heating and power problems. So the company is planning to indulge in alternatives that can help enable charging from a greater distance.

But before users start planning to buy one of these gadgets, they should make sure that they are no concrete plans. The tablet is still in the development stages, and nothing is confirmed by the company officially.

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