Boy Bands: The 5 historical break up of the bands

Band breakups are devastating if you are a passionate lover of music. From knowing minute personal details of the band members to discovering yourself through their music, we all have been there in our life. The worst part of being an ardent follower of a band is the breakup. You never know when they’ll going to reunite, or if ever they’ll reunite. We shed tears and wish for them to surprise us with a reunion of the band.

Here is the list of the top 5 bands that have a historical breakup!

1. The Beatles

The band was an international music phenomenon in the 60s. It rose to incredible stardom, but soon after the departure of one of the band member namely John Lennon, the band wasn’t much in sync. Later, Paul McCartney officially announced his solo album which signaled the end of the iconic band, The Beatles.

2. Queen

There was no fight or argument that broke the band, but the untimely demise of the lead singer of the band, Freddie Mercury. He died from the complications due to AIDS. He was the most significant figure of the band, Queen. The band members, Roger Taylor and Brian May still produces albums as the show must go on, but the band is no longer the same without Freddie.

3. The Eagles

In the 1980s, The Eagles was named as the biggest band of America. The band made it to multiple blockbuster charts hitting a good rank in the following years in the music industry. Things were not good when the band started performing for political parties, there was rage and dispute which broke the band apart.

4. Oasis

In the mid 90s, the popularity of Oasis saw an incredible rise. With amazing albums, world tours, and profitable years, the band Oasis has seen it all until the physical fight between the Gallagher brothers which led to the break up of the band. Till date, people sing their iconic song ‘Wonderwall’. Listen to it here!

5. One Direction

The English boy band took the world by storm ever since they arrived in the year 2010. With a huge fan following, and incredible albums, One Direction was everywhere in the world. In the year 2016, band member Zayn Malik announced that he is officially leaving the band due to personal reasons. There we no fights or arguments among the band members which led to the split of the band. Ever since the break up, the fans are still awaiting the reunion of the band members despite their solo careers are doing fantastic in the music industry.


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