Burt Reynolds: How the icon of American Pop Culture lived his life?

Burt Reynolds, or Burton Leon Reynolds Jr. is a name written in golden letters. As the headline said, Reynolds was the icon of the American Pop Culture. He certainly changed the world of cinema with his brilliant work as an actor, director and a producer. Not only that, Burton Reynolds was the sex symbol at the time. Unfortunately, the world lost him in 2018 but he lived 82 years of glory. So today, we are going to talk about Burt Reynolds and his iconic life.

Personal Life of Burt Reynolds

Burton Leon Reynolds Jr. was born on 11 February, 1936 in Michigan. Burt’s family descended from English, Scots-Irish, Scottish and Dutch ancestry. Moreover, Reynolds later added Cherokee and Italian roots as well. As his father in the United States Army, his family had to move a lot. Hence, he lived in Lansing, Missouri and Florida. Also, Burt went to Palm Beach High School, where he played football and won multiple scholarships. Subsequently, Burt attended Florida State University on his football scholarship. However, due to his injuries caused during the game and in a car accident, Burt couldn’t keep his game going.

Burt Reynolds family
Burt Reynolds’s Family Source: Florida Coast Magazine

Looking to become a police officer, Reynolds then joined Palm Beach Junior College. That’s where his acting took birth. In PBJC, Burt’s English teacher pushed him to act in a play he was producing. Certainly, he was given the lead role, and they ultimately won the 1956 Florida State Drama Award.

Burt Reynolds: Career Highlights

As he won the drama award, he also won a scholarship to Hyde Park Playhouse. He took it as an opportunity to earn money from summer jobs. However, the world had something else planned for Burt. There, he met Joanne Woodward, who found him an agent. And in no time, Burt landed on “Tea and Sympathy” and got positive reviews. However, until his breakthrough, Reynolds did jobs like waiting tables, washing dishes, driving delivery trucks and bouncer.

Subsequently, Burt started appearing in TV shows, and was featured in “Flight”, “M Squad”, “Pony Express’ and others. However, his big bream was “Riverboat”, in which he played Ben Frazer. Nonetheless, Burt didn’t leave the TV industry. He continued to act in “Zane Grey Theater”, “The Aquanauts”, “Lock Up”, etc. Certainly, his acting career caught speed and he worked in “Angel Baby”, “Gunsmoke”, “Hawk”, “Shark”, “Impasse”, “100 Rifles”, “Run, Simon, Run”. Besides, some of Burt’s notable mentions include “Dan August”, “The Tender Trap”, “Deliverance”, “Smokey and the Bandit”, “The Cannonball Run”, “Best Friends” and “Sharky’s Machine”. On the other hand, Burt made his directorial debut with “Gator”, followed by “The End”.

Burt Reynolds’s Earnings

In terms of awards, Burt has earned many prestigious awards for his work. He has received Primetime Emmy Awards, Golden Globe Awards, Satellite, Academy Award nominations and others.

Burt Reynolds
Source: NYTimes

However, in terms of money, he made a fortune. But, by the time of his death, his net worth dropped to $3-5 millions. Nonetheless, Burt has lived a luxurious life. Apparently, he used to spend $100k just on his toupees. So you can guess that he lived like a king.

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