The world’s most livable cities in 2021!


Pandemic has destroyed millions of lives and change the course of life globally. Over a year in the pandemic, we have seen health crises, border closures, and lockdowns keeping people enclosed in confined spaces. But some cities fared much better than others in controlling managing the virus.

People living in these cities were sensing the everyday life that many countries were praying to have in their country. For example, New Zealand has won praises for being the first country to eradicate this virus, thus making it to the most livable cities in 2021.

According to the Economist Intelligence Unit’s Global Liveability Index, which was conducted in over 140 countries to show gratitude towards authorities for remarkable work, Auckland tops the list of the country that stopped the pandemic from spreading in its initial stages.

The yearly list was not released in 2020, but Austria’s Vienna, number one, dropped ten places for the last two years. Vienna was heavily affected by the pandemic thus lost its place in the list.
The capital of New Zealand, Wellington, is fourth on this year’s list, tied with Japan’s capital Tokyo.

Four Australian cities also made it to the list after authorities put up rigid border controls to stop the pandemic. Adelaide, Perth, and Brisbane were  third, sixth and 10th respectively. There were two cities at number eight Switzerland, Geneva and Melbourne.

“The cities that have risen to the top of the rankings this year are largely the ones that have taken stringent measures to contain the pandemic,” Upasana Dutt from The Economist Intelligence Unit said in a statement.

“New Zealand’s tough lockdown allowed their society to reopen and enabled citizens of cities like Auckland and Wellington to enjoy a lifestyle that looked similar to pre-pandemic life.”

Tokyo wasn’t the only Japanese city that made it to the list. Osaka was also placed at the number second, which is the rise from the fourth place. Asia Pacific cities dominate the charts causing overall livability across the world to decline. But on the regional level, Asian cities rankings were below other North American and European cities due to mismanagement during a pandemic.

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