The content policies of PDQ WIRE play a pivotal role in ensuring a positive experience for our users as well as publishing partners. We expect your cooperation and support by following these guidelines. Certain exceptions could be made to these policies on the basis of educational, artistic, documentary, historical, or scientific considerations. Apart from this, we make exceptions if there is a significant interest in the public.

Authentic and Original Content

We at PDQ WIRE strive to make it simpler and easier for users to search for news that is authentic and independent. Special attention is given to the news that comes from a key source of original, fresh, and purposeful content.


A site’s visitors want to trust and understand the team that published the news. That’s why the news sources on PDQ WIRE must provide an accurate date, bylines, and author information. Additional details that must be included are publisher, publication, network, or company behind it and contact details.

Ads and Sponsored Content

Ads and any other paid promotional elements on your page must not exceed your content. PDQ WIRE does not allow content that obscures or misinterprets sponsored content as independent editorial content. Sponsorship includes, but is not restricted to, affiliate interest or ownership, material support, or payment. It must be precisely disclosed to readers. The sponsored content’s subject must not focus on sponsor without proper disclosure.

Personal, Sensitive and Confidential Information

PDQ WIRE does not allow the sharing of a private person’s sensitive or personally identifiable information, such as financial information or health records.

Copyrighted Content

We at PDQ WIRE do not allow any content that violates anyone’s intellectual property rights. We will effectively respond to clear notices of any alleged copyright infringement. Recurring infringement of intellectual property rights, encompassing copyright infringement, would lead to account termination.

Sexually Explicit Content

PDQ WIRE does not allow any content that features sexually explicit images that mainly intend to result in sexual arousal.

Graphic Violent Content

Any content that glorifies or incites violence is not allowed by PDQ WIRE. Additionally, we do not allow very violent or graphic materials, as it might disgust others.

Hateful Content

PDQ WIRE does not allow content that promotes harassment or violence against an individual or group that is based on ethnic origin, disability, religion, age, gender, sexual orientation, veteran status, or gender identity.

Medical Advice

We at PDQ WIRE do not allow sites that primarily aim to provide medical advice, treatment, or diagnosis.

Harmful and Illegal Activities

PDQ WIRE does not allow content promoting or facilitating illegal or dangerous activities like self-harm, drug abuse, self-mutilation, or eating disorders. Additionally, we do not allow content that could be used for threatening, organizing violence, or supporting violent organizations.

Cyberbullying and Harassment

We do not allow content that could send messages that are intended to bully, harass, or sexually or physically threaten others.

Deceptive behavior and practices

PDQ WIRE does not allow accounts or sites that impersonate a person or organization or misrepresent the ownership or fundamental motive. Sites or accounts engaging in inauthentic behavior are activities that could mislead others are not allowed. It includes but is not restricted to sites or accounts misrepresenting or hiding the country of origin. It also includes sites or accounts concealing or misrepresenting information about their editorial independence.

Malware and Spam

PDQ WIRE does not allow excess duplicate, repetitive, or unauthentic content, grammatical mistakes, misspellings, or gimmicky use of character. We do not allow links to viruses, malware, or harmful software. Sites engaging in link schemes intended to manipulate the ranking of a site in news search is not allowed.