Cooking Fever Mod Apk v12.0.0 (Unlimited gems/coins)


The most fun genre of games is cooking games. They are relaxing and playable for a good long time.  Cooking Fever Mod Apk emerges as the best among all the cooking games. You begin with an aspiring chef who works hard to impress the customers when he finally gets a restaurant. Most importantly, people of any age group can easily access this game. Players run the whole restaurant, find ingredients, research recipes, and try to make as many customers happy as possible.  It is your basic, Dinner -dash style food-assembling time-management game. Have the virtual experience of being the best chef with an added element of entertainment.

Details about Cooking Fever Mod Apk

Apk Name Cooking Fever mod apk
Genres Arcade
Version v 12.0.0
Google Play link com. Nordcurrent. canteen had
Developer Nordcurrent
Price Free
Requires 4.0.3 and up
Size 116.80 MB
MOD Features Modify locked gold and diamonds unlimited!
Updated 23 March 2021

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About Cooking Fever Mod Apk

What is Cooking Fever?

Developed by Nordcurrent, Cooking fever is one of the most renowned games among its genre of games. The game begins with your desire to become a professional chef who finally gets a restaurant of his own. Cooking fever brings with it 20 unique locations, from Desserts and Fast Food to Sea Food and Oriental Restaurant.

You can be a big fan of European cuisine. You can serve French croissants, Italian pizza, or American hamburgers in your restaurant. Alternatively, if you want to change the flavor profile to that of Chinese or Japanese dishes, you can easily do so. It gives you an opportunity to practice your skills in a variety of settings and cooking techniques. Create your own freebies, such as cookies or cupcakes, to personalize and remember your customers’ experience – just like in real life! The game does not bring monotony because you have more than 400 dishes to cook using 150 ingredients and over 400 levels to complete.

Why use Cooking Fever Mod Apk?

If you enjoy cooking and have always wished to become the best chef in the world and open your own restaurant, then this is the right game for you. Cook delectable meals, draw customers and furnish your tiny restaurant. Hire staff and employees who will do all the work for you to save money and improve your opportunities. Become well-known and your restaurant will easily climb to the top of the local food scene.

You can enjoy the ultimate features using the modded application because it will run lag-free. Also, you get access to unlimited coins and levels to progress smoothly in the game.

How to install Cooking Fever Mod Apk

If you are new to technology, follow the below-given steps to install the modded application for a wonderful experience.

  1. To use the modded application, make sure your device doesn’t have the original application.
  2. Download the Cooking Fever Mod Apk from the link provided above.
  3. After the download process is complete, tap on the settings menu in your Android and select Security from the list.
  4. Thereafter, turn on the Unknown Sources which will ask for your permission to install, enable it to begin your installation process.
  5. Return to the downloaded file and follow the on-screen instructions to install the apk. Patiently wait till the installation process is complete.
  6. Launch Cooking Fever Mod Apk and have a thrilling experience!

You can also download the apk on your PC by installing Blue stacks Android Emulator.

Features of Cooking Fever Mod Apk

To fully appreciate the benefits of this app, we’ll look over most features it has to offer. Even if you’re not a huge admirer of cooking, we guarantee you’ll be fascinated by this. Who knows, maybe after playing the game you’ll be motivated to cook!


Despite the fact that it is a simple 2D game, it is beautifully crafted. As soon as you play it, you’ll find the difference between it and other games in the same genre. It was developed with a specific viewpoint in mind. Customers and the service phase both say a lot of interesting things right away. This game can also be considered a full entertainment package game because it will provide you with a variety of items. You+ have the opportunity to decorate your restaurant for aesthetic visuals too!

Exciting Rewards

It is a known fact that cooking isn’t child’s play. To motivate you the game rewards you with gold and experience for each good meal you serve! To advance in the game, complete missions, and earn levels. The more effective and skilled you are, the more experience you can gain, which you will use to unlock various items in the game. It also keeps you determined as you cannot predict what’s more in store for you.

Upgrades to items and restaurants are critical for making the operation go quicker and more efficiently. The more customers you can handle in a short period of time, the more money you make and, in turn, the more XP you get.

Excellent locations

Customers search for the atmosphere in a restaurant in addition to the food. The one with the best vibe is the one they want to go for, be it real or virtual life.

Only excellent places will suffice for this! You can choose from a variety of theme restaurants in this game, including a Salad Bar, Bakery, Italian Restaurant, and more. You’ll learn how different types of restaurants are run. It’s just part of the learning curve. Also, the aesthetic places just keep you in awe of the game.

The most intriguing aspect of Cooking Fever is that it allows players to try a wide range of cuisines. You can be a huge fan of European cuisine. You can serve French croissants, Italian pizza, or American hamburgers in your restaurant

Unlimited coins and Jewels

Within this game, coins are slightly more popular than jewels. You can still match your previously completed levels if you want more. Consider that the higher the bill from the restaurant, the more coins you’ll be able to earn after you’ve passed this threshold. All these coins and gems are essential to keep the game running smoothly. The modded application provides free of cost.

Time Management Skills

You will be surprised to know this but cooking fever also instills time management skills within you. Time should be managed well as you have to keep juggling between the task of cooking and making sure that your customer is satisfied with the restaurant they have chosen. You have to ensure that you don’t waste time looking for the customers to arrive at their seats and instantly get started with your work.


There is not any better game or application which will allow you to hone your cooking skills. This game is designed to entertain everyone from a child to a mother to a grandparent. Embark on this thrilling journey by downloading the apk from the link given above.

FAQs about Cooking Fever Mod Apk

1. Is Cooking Fever Mod Apk safe?

Yes, the mod version is extremely secure and completely free to use. Before running and uploading to the device, it is antivirus-tested.

2. Can we run the game on PC?

No, it’s not true. Although the game has not been officially released for PC, you can still download the Android emulator and play it on your computer.

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