Coronavirus Protein attacks Vascular System says New Studies!

It was known since the start of pandemic that the distinctive “Spike” protein of SARS CoV 2 helps the virus to get attached to the healthy cells. But the recent studies show that they are themselves the reason for causing disease.

But recent studies shows that Covid is a Vascular disease. A paper was recently published which showed that how the virus attacks and damages the vascular system on cellular level. This discovery would help scientists to correlate the unrelated symptoms and also will provide a platform for further research on corona virus.

The Assistant Research Professor Uri Manor, said that most of the people have assumed that it is a respiratory disease but it can be now concluded that it is a vascular disease. This could be one of the major reason that people who are infected gets stroke as vascular system is under every organ.

These findings are not entirely a surprise but this research paper provides a proof and mechanism that how the virus infects and damages the vascular system. It was already predicted that SARS CoV 2 is associated with the vascular infections but the mechanism was not proved earlier.

The researchers created a “pseudovirus” in which they arranged a layer of the spike protein and there was no real virus. The animal models were then exposed to these pseudovirus which resulted in damage of the lungs and arteries.

This experiment proves that alone the spike protein is responsible for the disease caused by the corona virus. There were inflammation in the endothelial cells lining the pulmonary arteries.

The scientists further exposed these virus to the healthy endothelial cells in a laboratory. The endothelial cells were damaged by the spike protein which was done by biding of the pseudovirus to ACE 2.

Earlier the same results were obtained when endothelial cells were exposed to the Corona virus itself but this is a new discovery which proves that spike protein are responsible for the disease and whole virus is not required for the infection. Moreover it is proved that COVID is a vascular disease.


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