Corry Sandhagen Gives an Unexpected Response To Rumours of Spies in His Training Camp

Cory Sandhagen considers himself one of the most competitive fighters in the entire UFC lineup, so he understands his willingness to win at all costs. Having said that, you never want to break the rules, but you know that this does not necessarily apply to everyone. Including his past and future opponents. A perfect example is his upcoming match with former UFC Bantamweight Champion TJ Dillashaw, who returned to the game for the first time after a long-term suspension of more than two years after testing positive for recombinant human erythropoietin. 2019. Although Dillashaw admitted his misconduct, he does not rule out his attempts to use performance-enhancing drugs to take shortcuts.

Recently, rumors surfaced that Dillashaw allegedly sent a spy to Sandhagen’s camp to monitor him as he prepares for the next battle. Justin Wetzell, a Sandhagen teammate, told MMA reporter James Lynch in May that some boxers apparently walked into the gym and started a record training session for the bantamweight ranking third in the world. MMA fighting. A lot of it just because to be honest, this will be a lot of my guess,” Sandhagen told MMA Fighting in response to spy rumors. “I think a few people came to Duane [Ludwig]’s gym to train. They just Leaving, I think Duane may not have a lot of training courses. Sometimes Duane will send some of his people to the team to train together.

We can do it 100% in any other situation. “But in this case, we found out that they were from Duane, and maybe one of them posted a strange post on social media. This is what one of my teammates said. I think it’s like implying that he is in The idea of ​​looking at me instead of training there, like I said, I just made various guesses. I don’t spend too much energy speculating about things. “If someone is sent to his gym to monitor his training sessions, Sandhagen’s natural reaction seems to be angry with Dillashaw or his team, but in fact, it is not. “Sliding, Sandhagen can almost understand why a person would go without hesitation.” Get a competitive advantage at all costs, even if this is something they will never do. To be honest, to be honest, I won’t even bother,” Sandhagen said frankly.

“It’s a good thing to do your best to win, even if it seems immoral to some people. But this is the art of war, and fighting is real. You want to do your best so that you don’t get hit, you can hit another person. I don’t hate people who have such things in them. “There is an immoral willingness to win that I can understand. This is not something I would approve of, but I understand the level of what we are doing and the dangers of this sport. This is something I can understand. So I really won’t be too angry about that kind of thing. “When it comes to Dillashaw returning to the game after being absent for more than two years for violating UFC anti-doping policies, Sandhagen did not spend time on vigil.

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