Cyclone Yaas batters India’s east coast leaving tens of thousands homeless!

cyclone yaas

Three people are dead, and tens of thousands are homeless after Cyclone Yaas swept in eastern India from the Bay of Bengal on Wednesday. The situation has left hundreds of villages in a worrying situation, according to the officials.

Cyclone Yaas picked up a wind speed of about 140 kilometers per hour (87 mph). And it is considered a Category 1 Atlantic hurricane. Yaas came just days after Cyclone Tauktae lashed the western coast of India. Cyclones are triggering anxiety levels of Indian people and authorities who are still battling with the second wave of coronavirus.

According to the officials, West Bengal, which borders Bangladesh, was also severely affected. More than 1,100 villages have been flooded due to storms. And this devastating state has left more than 50,000 people homeless.

State minister of West Bengal Bankim Hazra has further specified that these figures are yet to be confirmed. The counting doesn’t include the interior areas. Aerial images show roads of Bengal turned into rivers, cars toppled over one another, and half-submerged. Citizens were gasping for breath as they swam across the flooded streets with high knee-length water.

Water has reached the riverbank in more than 100 locations across West Bengal. Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has said that there are more than 10 million residents in the state. And out of which, 300,000 have lost their homes.

The government authorities have started the evacuation process. There are also various relief camps for residents who are on the path of the cyclone Yaas. Neighboring states like Orissa have also swept due to the gusty winds and unrelenting rainfall. There are 120 villages in the city that have been damaged. People are shifting to safer places like government relief camps.

The National Disaster Response Force, along with the help of the Indian military, is helping those in need. They are deployed at various parts of the state to carry out removal and relief operations.

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