Depression Songs that could blow your mind!

Depression is something that nobody wants to slip into. It is a state of anxiety, fear, stress, and unknown and unbearable mood swings that do not let people decisively decide on their choices. It has always ended up taking people into a state where they remain inactive not exactly knowing what’s wrong with them. What if I say that not only human conditions but also music has stepped into this world act as the voices of the brown and pressed ones. I know it might sound funny but it is what it is. If I were to show you the list of song that has been revolving around depression or something on the similar sort, then there is no turning back. Time and again, the music industry and produced such songs that rotate around depression and give a message if you really want to hold on to it.

Below is the list of the songs on depression:

‘I Feel Like Dying’ by  Lil Wayne

Adam’s Song’ by  Blink 182

‘Paint It, Black’ by The Rolling Stones

‘Everybody Hurts’ by R.E.M.

‘Living Is A Problem Because Everything Dies’ by Biffy Clyro

‘Hurt’ by Nine Inch Nails

Turn Blue’ by The Black Keys

‘Black Eyed Dog’ by Nick Drake

these were some of the best Depression songs that would not let you lift earphones from your ears. They possess a different charm and it seems (Iit might be possible to a larger extent) that even the lyricist while writing these would have been suffering or have at least suffered once in his life through this. People who have experienced the pain are the only ones who could beautifully jot down the feeling and compose it into such great verses to be presented to the public which simultaneously serves as an eye-opener. Many of us are still negligent to the concept but am sure this would not last long once you hear them.

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