Destiny 2: The guide to use Jotunn Exotic for all the players

Destiny 2, is a free to play online shooter video game with only multiplayer mode developed by Bungie. The game was first released as pay to play in the year 2017 for PlayStation 4, Xbox, and Microsoft Windows.

Destiny 2 is a sequel to 2014’s video game, Destiny. The game is set in a mythic sci fiction world, featuring multiplayer mode with elements of role playing.

What is Jotunn?

The game most exotic fusion rifle, Jotunn is used by the players in Destiny 2 to defeat the enemies. The players should definitely try to obtain it as soon as possible. The uniqueness of firing style, easy to use, and fun to play in the game, Jotunn is one of a kind to lots of potential in every content. One of the very best feature of Jotunn is that beside dealing with extreme damages it lets the player fire from a safe distance unlike other weapons. Jotunn hits hard like the Heavy Weapon. For the good targets like Blockers in Gambit, Jotunn is a perfect choice.

The Exotic rifle, Jotunn offers many perks to the players, and they are as follows,

Charge Shot

Volatile Launch

Liquid Coils

Polymer Grip

Shield Disorient

Wondering how to get Jotunn in Destiny 2? We got you.You have to visit the Forges on EDZ map, and find ADA-1 Tower Annex. After a few interactions, you’ll get the Exotic Jotunn for your gameplay in Destiny 2.

Play Destiny 2 with the most exotic weapon out there to have an adventurous experience!

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