First Meteor Shower Of The Year : Lyrid

meteor shower

Today you can see the Lyrid meteor shower, and this shower falls every year between January and April. This famous occurrence will be in the northern hemisphere at 10: 30 pm local time.

First Meteor Shower Of The Year : LYRID

Every year in the starting months of the year, there are no magnificent meteor showers, and the Lyrid is the first of the year.

“These dazzling meteors are fast and bright, with a striking golden trail of dust streaking behind them,” CNN meteorologist Judson Jones said.

The famous Lyrid shower will take place between 10: 30 pm and continue till the night. It will be visible at dawn after the gibbous moon sets in, as the moonlight can hinder the viewing. These meteors or tiny space rocks arise when Lyrid moves around the earth, leaving a dusty trail of a comet called thatcher. This comet swings by the planet every 415 years ( the last time it was 1861, 160 years back).

How to watch the meteor shower?

meteor shower

Well, meteors are visible in a clear sky with no moonlight. The moon can hinder the trail of meteors due to its light. This year there is a waxing gibbous phase of the moon that means it will be 70% more illuminated. So the experts suggest watching the moon after the moon set or before dawn.

The darker the sky, the clearer is the vision of the Lyrid. City lights plus the pollution can obstruct the view of the people living in cities.
“Light pollution is one of the biggest struggles when trying to see meteors, and it seems to be getting worse each year,” Jones said.

The USA is generally colder around this time of the year so make sure to visit the observation place a few hours earlier. As the visibility in the clear night sky, make sure your eyes adjust well for this magnificent meteor shower. The best thing you don’t need a binocular or special telescope to view; your eyes are just fine.

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