India’s holiest river Ganges is swollen with Covid victims!

india death toll

Thousands of corpses were found floating or buried under piles of burning logs in India’s holiest river Ganga. Those people who live close by the northern state of Uttar Pradesh fear that there are bodies of Covid infected people.

According to figures, Wednesday broke all records made by other countries. India has broken all barriers as the Wednesday death toll was recorded at 4,529, maximum in a day. This spiraling report was shocking to many officials around the world.

Indians have seen some of the devastating days, and according to the experts, these numbers are not even real. Experts believe there is more to reality, and more people have lost their battle in recent days.

The country has surpassed 25 million cases with more than 275,000 deaths. One reporter from BBC has said that there is a “massive discrepancy between the official COVID-19 death figures and the actual numbers on the ground.”

Corpse found in the river banks of Ganges and funeral pyres running round the clock, thus making the cremation grounds running out of space, tells the untold story of the rising death toll in India.

The Ganges is dotted with graves and bodies. India came into the limelight when dozens of bodies were found floating offensively. This incident occurred on 10 May, when 71 corpses were found near a village afloat on the river. Bihar’s Chausa village authorities reported that some bodies were wrapped, and some were lying gravely for scavengers.

Officials suspect that some bodies were thrown in the river in fear of infecting the virus. The next day ten km away from the village, dozen more bodies were seen lying on the river bank. Some of the dead bodies were decomposed with feral dogs and crows feasting on them.

Indians Hindus have their own beliefs and traditions. They follow a practice called “Jal Pravah”, where unwed girls, bodies of children, those dying of snake bites and diseases should float into the holy river. Some people suffering from Covid cannot afford a funeral, so they wrap the person and let them flow into the Ganges.

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