Golden Pipe Wrenches: How and where to locate Golden Wrenches in Fortnite!

Fortnite has been one of the top games world wide. But besides the game-play, there are certain little things that contribute to the excitement of the game. One of such items is a Golden Pipe Wrench. Today we are going to tell you all about Golden Pipe Wrenches in Fortnite. If you want to know how to collect one, keep reading!

What are Golden Pipe Wrenches?

Golden Wrenches are the small tools that the player needs to hunt in Fortnite. Although you might not see them so frequently in the game, these are prevalent in Fortnite Midas Mission Challenges. Moreover, one of the batches of Midas Mission requires you to search and collect different Golden Pipe Wrenches. Hence, to win the game, all you need to do is collect the Golden Pipe Wrenches.

Source: Fortnite Board

Looking for Golden Pipe Wrenches is a classic old fashioned item hunt. In the game, these wrenches are scattered across the map that you have to collect. So if you don’t know where to look for them, the answer is in the next section!

Where to locate Golden Pipe Wrenches?

As these wrenches are spread throughout the map in Fortnite, the first thing we know is that they are found under pipes. Hence, you must look at the places where pipes are nearby. Certainly, it would be hard to get them all at once, hence it is advised to collect one at a time, and look for another in the next match. However, these are the places that you should look for to find Golden Pipe Wrenches:

  • The first location to find Golden Pipe Wrench is on the Big Island, located northwest of the Pleasant Park at Locke’s Lighthouse in grid C1. You have to land on the northern side of the tip and there you will find the Fortnite Golden Pipe Wrench.
  • You can also find a wrench at the Shanty Town Landmark. It falls between the Slurry Swamp and the Rig. Moreover, the Golden Pipe Wrench is sitting on water there.

  • Next location to find the wrench would be the arm of the pipe man structure. To be precise, it is situated Southwest of the Misty Meadows.
  • The fourth location is a pit filled with sludge. It is in the Dirty Docks that is connected to a building. Certainly, you have to look for a small metal building that looks like a little metal shack. There, the wrench would be between an underground section of pipes.
  • Finally, the last location of Golden Pipe Wrench is on a pipe attached to a tall building. And for that, you’ll need to head the building located in the eastern Steamy Stacks. Moreover, it falls in the grid H2.

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