Hawaii won’t require COVID-19 test for vaccinated travelers starting July 8!


Inoculated tourists will soon be eligible to say aloha to ease constraints.Hawaii travelers who have acquired their shots won’t have to stick to a COVID-19 testified regulation beginning from July 8, the Aloha state’s governor, David Ige said Thursday.

Completely vaccinated tourists touring from the U.S. just require submitting their vaccine ticket and uploading it to Hawaii’s Safe Travels web site site.

Anyone touring Hawaii before July 8 will be expected to obey COVID-19 testified and quarantine regulations.

“I know that this transition has been widely foreseen and it will make it easier for dwellers to retreat to come home and for tourists to come and celebrate our islands,” Ige said in an announcement meeting as published by Hawaii Tribune-Herald.

Ige also expanded the number of people authorized at public receptions from a limit of 10 to 25 indoors and from 25 to 75 outdoors. Hawaii diners will also be eligible to supervise business at 75% capability.

The governor foresees that around July 8, Hawaii will have accomplished a 60% vaccination percentage.

“Our inhabitants have sacrificed and worked hard to get to this point, but we still have more to do. Please get inoculated to safeguard yourselves and your precious ones.

We are close to accomplishing a 70% vaccination percentage, at which point all constraints will stop and we can return to the lives we recall,” Gov. Ige said in an announcement.

Hawaii’s COVID-19 testing authorization has been on the spot since October instructing travelers who do not get tested to embrace a necessary quarantine for ten days.

Tourists from the current continental United States will have to upload their vaccination certificates to the state’s Safe Travels Program location and will also have to submit their cards upon entrance.

Since October 2020, U.S. tourists have been expected to fulfill factual coronavirus testing regulations and submit a negative result upon entrance into the state, or quarantine for 10 days. From March to October 2020, travelers had to quarantine for 14 days.

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