Hillary Duff’s new look for Easter!

Hillary Duff’s new look for Easter

Hillary Duff reveals her new look to celebrate Easter 2020. She tells her that her blonde her is just ‘so yesterday.’ Subsequently, she says it after replacing her blonde hair with a new hairstyle and shade. 

The Instagram post of Hillary Duff

During this Sunday, the 32-year-old star decides to share her new look on her Instagram post. The alumnus of Lizzie McGuire surprises her fans by revealing a new shade and look to her beautiful hair. And, replaces them with a vibrant turquoise shade of hair color. 

Along with a new shade, she has also shortened her hair into a lob. 

Her cheeky caption at the end of her post saying ‘yea’ earns her a lot of likes from her followers. 

Her Instagram picture shows that she is biting her lips, along with her short hair grazing over collarbone and shoulders. 

At the same time, some fans were questioning her if her hair color is genuine or simply a wig. However, her 14.9 Insta followers can’t stop drooling over the new color shade. 

Few comments of her fans

One fan posts that ‘The new color makes Hillary look like a dream girl.”

Another fan is ecstatic and writes ‘Yessss sparks look is back.”


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