Homeland: What happened in the first episode of the seventh season?

Homeland is an American political thriller television series created by Gideon Raff, who’s also the executive producer of the show. The series Homeland was premiered in the year 2011 and was concluded on February 2020 with its eighth season.


Cast of Homeland

Homeland cast stars Claire Daines as Carrie Mathison who’s a CIA officer with a bipolar disorder, and Damian Lewis as Nicholas Brody, a Marine Corps Sniper.


The plot of Homeland Season 7

The plot of Homeland revolves around Brody who was held captive by the Al-Qaeda as a war prisoner, and it was convinced that he was a big threat to the United States. From here onward the story continues with Carrie’s undercover work.

The seventh season of Homeland was premiered on 11 February 2018 consisting of 12 episodes. In this season, Carrie leaves her job at White House and start living with her sister, Maggie. The first episode of the seventh season of Homeland titled, “Enemy of State”.

In this episode, we see Carrie living with Maggie and Bill, and the tension is rising in the house because Bill works for President Keane, while Carrie is vocal about her opponent administration. President Keane ordered to execute General McClendon for betrayal, conspiracy, and attempt to the assassination. But ultimately, he was just sentenced to life imprisonment.

Carrie promises Dante to free him with the help of her FBI contacts. Later, she had an argument with her sister for endangering Josie and Franny by involving them in her work, and also about her tremendous reckless behaviour that’s leading towards mania.

McClendon dies on spot after being investigated by an officer in the prison, and the episode ends with the unidentified officer watching McCledon die on the monitor, took off his gloves, and put it in a plastic bag.

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