How to sell in TikTok: Useful tips that work

The TikTok social network, which appeared in 2016, was perceived for the first year as an entertainment platform on which you can watch funny videos, download them freely without watermarks using but no more. Today, more than 1 billion users from all over the world are registered in the application. Moreover, the social network is used not only for entertainment, but also for earnings and promoting business. 

Earning money on short videos on a social network is not an invention. Today, Tick–Tok monetization is a common option for obtaining additional and even basic income. Working with TikTok should not be underestimated. Use our step-by-step instructions to quickly master a new channel of communication with the target audience and get the most out of the correct use of social network tools.

  • Analyze your competitors

The first step to take before starting an active promotion in TikTok is to check how the main rivals of the niche are doing. If they keep a profile, fill in the videos and get good coverage, this is a good signal. You can raise the bar for content quality even higher.

Analyze the content strategy of trading platforms, identify the most effective formats and generate as many ideas as possible to promote your profile.

Brands often lose out due to the fact that they did not adapt to market trends in time. The active development of TikTok is a trend that cannot be ignored. Many companies have been using it for the benefit of their business for several years.

  • Select content formats

To promote products, videos with product demonstrations are best suited. These are how-to, short reviews, sketches and other formats in which you can beautifully beat the product.

Try not to focus too much on selling, but to use product placement techniques. Native advertising brings much more benefits than direct sales.

  • Track your statistics

One of the main ranking criteria on the platform is the video viewability. If the audience does not stop in the middle of the video, then the content is of high quality and will fall into the recommendations tab.

Constantly monitor statistics and pay attention to the formats that subscribers liked the most. The content on the platform is mostly homogeneous, but from time to time there are non-standard videos that “shoot” very well.

  • Attract attention to the goods

Most users log into TikTok to watch positive videos and relax after a difficult day at work or studying. This does not mean that at this moment it is useless to tell them about the goods. If you do this unobtrusively, potential customers will have information stored on a subconscious level, and they can buy the product a week, a month or even a year after watching the video.

  • Transfer traffic to other platforms

As soon as the first audience appears in TikTok, you can sometimes talk about the store’s communities on other sites and focus on the benefits that users will receive after subscribing. You can specify links to Instagram and Youtube in your profile settings. It is difficult to transfer traffic from TikTok to other platforms and the conversion rate is quite low, but it is definitely worth using this tool. Especially if you spend money on advertising in the app. This way you can partially recoup the costs and attract new users.


Monetization of a profile in TikTok is a godsend for creative people. This social network allows you to do what you love and earn good sums on it. At the same time, you can earn income on the service in several ways. The choice is yours alone.

Don’t be afraid to create an account, shoot funny videos, and collaborate with small companies. All this can bring you a very good income in the future. According to the recent Forbes statistics, the majority of the richest ticktockers are under 25. If it works for these people, it will work for you.

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