How was the ending of the film “It: Chapter Two” different from Stephen King’s book?

The movie “It: Chapter Two” is considered as one of the scariest movies of all times. Like most of the brilliant horror movies, this movie is also based on the book by the king of horror, aka Stephen King. However, people might not have noticed it, but the story in the movie is not the exact representation of the book. Today, we are going to address the difference between the ending of the movie “It” and the book.

Ending in the Stephen King’s Book

After the release of “It” sequel in 2019, it came to people’s knowledge that there was a change in the movie. Apparently, the ending depicted in the book was rejected by the director Andy Muschietti. Moreover, it was the part that Stephen King himself requested to include in the movie. But, the director decided against it. Hence, the ending to the film is quite different as it omitted one of the “weirdest” parts of the novel.

In the book, during the big showdown between the Losers and Pennywise, the town starts to disappear into a sinkhole. Subsequently, there is a storm and eventually Pennywise is defeated. Moreover, there is another point in the book which is different in the movie. In the book, young Bill comes face to face with a magical turtle named “Maturin” during the Ritual of Chud. Now let’s see how the film’s ending was different than the original ending!

Ending in the film “It: Chapter Two”

Now you know what was depicted in the book at the end. Let’s see how the film depicted those scenes differently. Firstly, the scene where Pennywise is defeated, is followed by the Losers escaping the Neibolt house. However, it was also ultimately destroyed to the ground. Then the group is reunited with Derry. Nonetheless, the memories and Pennywise’s hold on the town eventually starts to vanish, just like in the book.

Secondly, Bill meeting Maturin was completely removed because it was left out in the first film as well. Hence to maintain the perspective of the characters, the scene wasn’t adapted in the movie. Besides, Andy Muschietti said, “It deals with jumping to the other side, to the Macroverse, to that dimension where IT lives… And I wanted to keep that mystery. For me, it was important to maintain the perspective of the characters as a point of view.”

Moreover, about changing the end, the director said, “The ending in the book is bombastic and of course the emotional punch is here. But it’s so bombastic and spectacular, it takes away a little bit from the feelings and the emotions at play within the group of characters. One thing I knew is that I wanted to keep it intimate and heartbreaking in a way. So I wanted to make an end that was more about the feelings of these characters than a huge spectacle. In the book, the whole of Derry falls into a sinkhole and there’s a flood, it’s a big disaster movie – if it was a movie.”

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