Is sleep a ‘magic pill’ for teen wellness in a mental health crisis?


Sleep can help anyone from recovering from mental health and stressful conditions. But teens nowadays are getting enough of it, and the pandemic has made things worse for them. An adolescent health expert says that he is worried about the coming generation of children and is asking questions to himself. 

“How many hours are they sleeping?”

The deadly pandemic has disrupted schools across the country, making teens isolated in their homes apart from their friends. The separation has led to an increase in anxiety levels, youth depression, and increased cases of suicide globally. 

Experts believe that long sweet slumber goes a long way in increasing mental health, thus making the mind healthy and fresh. But studies claim students and other teens are losing their sleep, and Covid-19 has worsened the impact. 

There is also increased demand for behavioral health services in the country over the past few months. Doctors are worried sick about the rise in cases. The chief medical officer of the pediatric mental health state of emergency says that the number of cases has increased compared to the past 20 years. 

Different Families across the globe are facing financial crunch or some loss due to the pandemic and sleep-deprived individuals increasing day by day. “If you had sort of a magic pill that you could take that would help increase your mental health, increase your physical health, lower your stress, make you more efficient,” she says, most people would be itching for a dose.

 Pope’sPope’s Challenge Success team joined with NBC to survey 10,000 high school students, which helped researchers find scholarly students’ success. The research found that an average of 6.7 hours of sleep per night is the benchmark only a few students were hitting. Many students were found to be sleeping only for four hours. 

According to the Pope, a teen expert believes that this magic pill is called sleep. In school, we have been taught that good early sleep leads to success. And in reality, this stands true of all accounts. Quality sleep helps in retaining memory and allows people to pay more attention.

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