Japanese citizens are still very nervous about hosting the Olympics!!

japan vaccine shots

Japan is to be the host for Tokyo Olympics 2021, is running to make sure all the things are in place. The country has the best healthcare, culture, facilities, education, yet it is not providing its citizens with vaccine shots. The country is due to the election this year, along with the Olympics that canceled last year, and a large elderly population to look for have to rush things to provide protection.

Japan has the lowest vaccinated figures among wealthiest countries

Japan has procured the most quantity of vaccine shots to gear up for the upcoming Olympics this summer. Despite, that only 1.6% of the population is vaccinated. These figures are slowest among the wealthiest countries of the world.

Almost 17 million Pfizer vaccines have been imported from Japan in April this year. But as the collection says on Wednesday, only 3.2 million doses have been used on healthcare workers. Compared to South Korea, a neighboring country has inoculated more than two-thirds of the population. This country started its vaccination process after japan, yet 4.7 population have received their vaccine jabs.

The country is not ready to host Olympics 2021

The country’s inbound shipment has tripled since last month due to game preparation, but the vaccination process in japan is not gaining steam. Japan’s slow vaccine rollout has left the citizens of the country worried. Several people are getting worried about the players that will be coming to the Olympics stadium.

“The country is not going, really, to be vaccine-ready for the Olympics in July,” professor Nancy Snow of Japan’s Kyoto University of Foreign Studies. said. “There is a sense of things not really under control.”

The organizers are trying their best to cheer up everyone by organizing a torch relay, among other activities. Japan will open its gates for more than 10,000 players across different continents with their teams. And day by day, the safety concern is becoming cringe worthy.


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