Lil Poopy: Who us Lil Poopy? Where is “The Rap Game” star now?

Who is Lil Poopy?

Lil Poopy is an infamous child artist, famously known as the rapper from the show “The Rap Game”. Originally known as Luis Rivera Jr., Lil Poopy was born on 15 February, 2003 in Massachusetts. Certainly, he has been a popular artist and rapper since his childhood. However, Lil Poopy’s content was quite inappropriate for his age, which raised controversies.

Besides, Lil Poopy also gave the reason behind his name. He said, “The reason why they call me Lil Poopy is because my dad, when he used to change me, I used to poop all over his hands”. That’s how his stage name came to be. The artist’s mother is Jatoy Rivera and father, Luis Rivera Sr. was an athlete.

Lil Poopy’s Musical Career

As mentioned above, Lil Poopy has been a rapper from a young age. Besides, he usually made the news for bad reasons mostly. However, to talk about his music, his first music video was “Pop That Remix”, when he was 9 years old. Certainly, the music video raised many questions about the kid’s upbringing, as the song was found extremely inappropriate for a child. Precisely, Poopy’s songs glorify drugs, guns and women. Moreover, he is seen slapping a woman’s butt at the end of the song. As a result, the authorities raised concerns and investigated his father for child abuse.

Besides, Poopy’s father is always supportive of his kid’s work. After that, the young boy was featured as one of the “Coke Boys” for French Montana’s crew. His rap said, “Coke ain’t a bad word/ It’s Coca Cola/ Coke ain’t a bad word/ It’s only soda.”

However, Lil Poopy is mainly known and recognized from “The Rap Game” show. Although he didn’t win the show, he certainly got the limelight that helped his career. Later, it came to news that the kid has signed a 4-year record deal with Sony/Epic. But it turned out to be a rumor. Moreover, on his controversial songs, Lil Poopy said that he raps about his neighborhood which is horrible.

Where is Lil Poopy today?

The young American rapper and hip hop music singer Lil Poopy has been reportedly working on his EP. Moreover, his new EP is supposed to include a dozen compositions. Moreover, he has been highly active on his social media. However, one of his first videos “Lil Poopy Getting It” on social media again created controversies. As a result, the creation was removed from the platform.

On the other hand, some of the songs on his YouTube are “Know The Name”, “Ice”, “Run Up a Check”, “Numbers”, etc. You can check them out on the YouTube channel named “Camayah Films”, and his previous channel was known as “PoopyTV”.

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