Lynn Spears defends her younger daughter Jamie against social media’s Spider trolls!

Britney Spears’ conservatorship case has certainly effected everybody around her. In the recent times, the singer’s relationship with the members of her, especially her father Jamie Spears, and her baby sister Jamie Lynn Spears.

As the world came to know about what the “Toxic” singer has been suffering with due the abusive conservatorship case, people and celebrities came out in support of Britney. However, Britney’s sister, actor Jamie Lynn Spears, has received a lot of hate for allegedly profiting from her sister’s suffering.

According to the reports, Jamie Lynn Spears, popularly known for her work in “Zoey 101,” had been financially benefitting from Britney’s conservatorship case. The actress was also called out for not speaking up for her sister on time. As a result of all this, Jamie Lynn is not liked by Britney’s fans, and recently, they again showed their hate towards the Zoey 101 star when mother Lynn Spears shared a picture of spider web.

Today, Lynn Spears, Jamie and Britney’s mother took it to her Instagram to share a picture of a huge spider web outside her home in Louisiana. She captioned the image, “Wow! Look at the size of this spider web!!”

Well, Jamie’s haters took it as an opportunity to throw shade on the actress as they called or compared the spider and its web with Jamie and her residence. One of the users commented, “Oooh look at that! It’s Jamie Lynn and her lively home.” Another comment wrote, “Awww cute! Jamie Lynn decorated her new place. Sorry, couldn’t help it.”

The other comments were of similar kind which read, , “Ma’am your daughter….” And “That’s JamieLynne.

Finally the mother of two stars jumped between the comments to defend her daughter Jamie against the trolling audience. Replying to a comment dissing Jamie, and made a one word request to the trollers stating “Stop.”

People also demanded for Lynn Spears to talk in support of her daughter. Not only did she defend Jamie, but also explained why she came out in support of her elder daughter Britney so late. She wrote, “I do [speak up] by using my lawyer and the legal system since day one and NOT [by] using social media or the press! You need to do your research! Sorry you are so uninformed! Have a great day and try positivity!”

Other than comments hating on Jamie, people also targeted the entire family and called them out for Britney’s suffering. As a reply to Lynn’s captions, one person wrote, “As big as the web of lies your family & team told to imprison your daughter against her will.” Meanwhile, another user wrote, “as big and tangled as the conservatorship web.”

There were rarely any positive comments on Lynn’s spider web photograph that she shared on her Instagram. The comments further read, “The same size of the violence you inflicted on our GODDESS over the years. #FreeBritney.”

Calling out Jamie as a mother, one of the Britney supports wrote, “I think most of us are just here to see if your motherly instincts kick it at any point because your conscious decisions have been FUCKED!” Another comment quoted Britney’s own statement about her family, which read, “The thing that made me crazy was that my family never ever cared for me” – Britney Spears, 2021.

The only positive comment that the post received was support for Britney and people asking for Britney’s freedom and hoping for her to win. One of such comments said, “Let’s hope the web of corruption the judicial system Britney is continually being controlled, manipulated, and punished by is dismantled ASAP. JET mode on that hose ACTIVATED.”

“I BELIEVE THAT BRITNEY WILL WIN,” read yet another comment, “Save Britney !!! #freebritney.”

Britney Spears’s relationship with her family has been degrading due to her conservatorship. However, the person that the singer shared a relationship of hatred was her father Jamie Spears, who was one of Britney’s conservators. Britney, during her testimony, revealed her father’s torture over her as her conservator. She demanded her father to be removed as her conservator, who had taken full control of Britney’s life. In fact, Britney’s financial and medical affairs were also being fully controlled by her father Jamie.

On the other hand, Britney’s sisters Jamie Lynn Spears has been accused of profiting off of Britney’s abusive legal arrangement. However, the actress defended herself from the allegation. Addressing the entire situation, Jamie had shared said that she doesn’t “owe the public anything”. She had said, “I mean, I’ve worked to pay my own frickin’ bills since I was 10 years old. My sister knows I love and support her, and that’s the only person I owe anything to. Maybe I didn’t support her the way the public would like me to, with a hashtag on a public platform, but I can assure you that I’ve supported my sister long before there was a hashtag, and I’ll support her long after.”

Jamie Lynn had added, “I am not my family. I am my own person. I am speaking for myself. If ending the conservatorship and flying to Mars—or whatever the hell else she wants to do to be happy, I support that 100 percent because I support my sister… I love my sister — always have, always will — as long as she’s happy.”

Once again, Jamie took a stand last month against the allegations of her making money for the conservatorship case. She had shared a screenshot of a news outlet’s headline on her Instagram story, which read, “Britney Spears’ sister Jamie Lynn shares photos of her home life…after it’s revealed she is the ONLY family member not on the singer’s payroll,” with which she wrote, “Facts….now leave my broke-ass alone.”

Jamie Lynn had also told, “This situation does not affect me either way, because I’m only her sister who’s only concerned about her happiness.” Moreover, the Zoey 101 star also talked about how all the hate has affected her family via her Instagram. She also mentioned the death threats that were sent to her and her children.

Jamie had faced the same allegations back in 2019, to which she had replied, “Haha nice try, but I have NEVER been paid a dime from my sister, that is HER hard earned money, and I am NOT entitled to a cent of it. I would not spend money I did not earn.”

Although it all shut the haters from picking on her, Jamie again started receiving hate when Britney herself conformingly hinted that Jamie did profit off of her awful life. Britney, via an Instagram post, vented her rage on her family stating, “here’s nothing worse than when the people closest to you who never showed up for you post things in regard to your situation whatever it may be and speak righteously for support… How dare you make it public that now you care.”

Addressing the 2017 Radio Disney Music Awards  Britney Spears went further, writing: “I don’t like that my sister showed up at an awards show and performed my songs to remixes! My so-called support system hurt me deeply.”

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