Metroid Dread for Switch out Today !

The most awaiting game on Switch, “Metroid Dread,” has been released today. The game is finally out after a long wait of 19 years, making the Metroid fans happiest at the moment. Known for its low sales, the Metroid franchise has decided to take the world by storm with its newly released Nintendo Switch game Metroid Dread.

The fans of the Metroid franchise are mesmerized by the game as some people believe Metroid Dread to be the best and phenomenal end to Nintendo’s sci-fi saga. Many states how the Metroid series and the game Dread are not as popular as other Switch games like The Legend of Zelda, but the execution of the game is highly appreciated by the viewers and the critics.

Above all, the game has become known to have created its own unique genre called “Metroidvania,” which focuses on exploring abandoned and open-ended labyrinth dungeons. In Metroid Dread, a player gradually gains more abilities that allow them to unlock and explore new areas and defeat powerful villains or bosses.

The more exciting thing for the Nintendo and Metroid series fans is that the new game has been released alongside the all-new Nintendo OLED Switch, making the game a great companion for the hardware.

Metroid Dread is a sequel to the game Metroid Fusion, which was released back in 2002, keeping the fans waiting for almost 19 years. The critics and the fans have greatly liked the game. Professional gamers and critics admitted to undermining or underestimating the game earlier but found Metroid Dread a “game with conviction.”

Metroid Dread, the newly released action-adventure game by Mercury Steam and Nintendo EPD, focuses and aims to conclude the main Metroid Arc. It will directly impact the fate of the protagonist Samus and the parasitic Metroid creatures present in the eerie environment of the game. The story continues after the events of Metroid Fusion, where Samus had successfully eliminated the lethal X parasites and the SR388 planet.

In this part, the Galactic Federation receives new intel via video transmission from an unknown source, which hints towards the existence of parasite X. To combat the parasite, a special unit of seven EMMI robots is sent to the ZDR, which soon vanishes. Hence, Samus travels to the ZDR to investigate the disappearance of the unit. Upon landing on the planet’s surface, Samus begins his exploration and is met by mysterious figures. Later, she finds the path to the planet’s surface destroyed and realizes she has lost her suit’s power upgrades. Hence, Samus is left with no choice but to find another way to look for the planet’s surface.

The critics who have tried their hands on the Metroid Dread have also shared some suggestions for the players, stating that one can learn the melee counter, which is the game’s new feature, earlier in the combat. Besides, Samus has to hunt down the upgrades in order to explore the ZDR. Moreover, the players will not get all the upgrades at once or quickly, and they’ll have to work for it. Whenever a player finds themselves stuck, they can shoot every wall, along with a wall jump feature.

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