How news works on PDQ?

Our purpose is to make everyone understand the globe by interlinking people with top-quality news from a diverse perspective.

Timely and reliable information is a necessity as it can empower people to get a detailed insight into the world around them. It helps to make educated decisions. Journalism plays an integral role as it offers information that shapes our comprehension of relevant issues and happenings. It pushes one towards the truth.

PDQ aims to make it simpler to stay updated and informed by utilizing technology for organizing what journalists report about prevailing events and issues. We do not provide an editorial point of view. Instead, our products will connect you with a diverse range of perspectives and information. It will help you in developing your individual personal point of view. PDQ commits to foster a diverse and healthy news ecosystem, as we know that journalism is indispensable to build robust and functional societies.

News that makes sense

Today, the available volume of news from various sources has increased substantially. It is necessary that the news should make sense for all and sundry. PDQ intends to help.

Utilizing technology for connecting you to information – Technology allows arranging millions of pages of news content in various languages. The objective is to make it easily discoverable to anyone at any time. Instead of depending on human editors for selecting your articles, PDQ’s automated systems assess hundreds of varying factors. It helps to identify as well as organize the stories covered by journalists. In uncommon cases, we might shed light on relevant topical experiences. But our ultimate objective is to use technology for reflecting news landscape and enable publishers to make editorial decisions.

Giving access to context along with multiple outlooks – For understanding the news holistically, you must get insight from varying perspectives. PQD’s news experiences help in establishing a connection between you and the publishers covering international, national, and local regions and working in diverse formats and languages. Our primary goal is to establish a link between you and a wide array of outlooks so that you can form independent and informed opinions.

Promoting reliable and trustworthy information – PDQ attempts to make it convenient for you to locate dependable and trustworthy information. We also help users to know where the information is being sourced from. Our algorithms primarily promote news from authoritative sources. We encourage publishers to be transparent and accountable so that they will be showcased in the news results.

Opposing deceptive and misrepresentative practices – PDQ’s news content policies target bad behavior, irrespective of political outlook. Sources that misrepresent themselves in terms of ownership or fundamental purpose are not allowed by us. This encompasses the sources that misrepresent their nation of origin or that work to mislead users about their editorial association or independence.

Sustaining a healthy news infrastructure

An independent, open, and thriving infrastructure of news sources that represent diverse outlooks and perspectives is integral for our mission and for an informed society.

Establishing and strengthening audiences for top-quality news – PDQ aims to help journalism so that it can flourish. It is done by bringing new audience members to publishers. Our new products and features send web traffic to international, national, and local news sources at a global level. Thus we assist them in broadening their reach. We not only connect journalism with readers but also assist publishers to convert readers into loyal subscribers.

Forming collaboration with the news industry to promote innovation – We offer programs globally so that industry-wide obstacles and challenges can be addressed. Additionally, we fuel innovation in the journalism domain. Training and other tools are provided to journalists so that they can be well equipped to adapt to the evolving news ecosystem and meet the users’ news expectations.