NBA Street: The best basketball game for every NBA fan ever!

NBA Street is a series of basketball video game produced by EA Sports BIG which combines the incredible talent of NBA players with an aura of style and attitude street ball. The original game was debuted in the year 2001, and ever since then a series of version has been released for PlayStation 2, Game Cube, Xbox, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.

Till date, NBA Street have seven games published in the series, and it is as follows

NBA Street, NBA Street V2, NBA Street V3, NBA Street Showdown, NBA Street Home court, NBA Street Online, and NBA Street Online 2.

It is unlike any other traditional game. NBA Street series features the team that plays shirts vs skins with few power ups, special tricks, and animations. It’s up to the players to choose a court either full or half, and they can decide how many players they want to play.

The gameplay of NBA Street was fluid, dynamic, and incredible set in the atmosphere of the USA basketball courts. The sound of the game matching brilliantly with the animations of the video game, NBA Street truly made the game one of the kinds.

NBA Street V2 was created 15 years ago throughout two years at EA’s Vancouver campus by the team which was led by the lead producer, Wil Mozel. The team and members of NBA Street VOL 2 have contributed a vast knowledge about the game by diligently educating themselves on the history of street ball and hip hop, for their research they took the help of books, documentaries, AND1 mix tapes, and visited USA’s street ball courts to give a finishing look to the game and an incredible experience to the gamers.

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