Nintendo Switch Joy-Con: How to use the Nintendo Joy Cons?

To give you a much better gaming experience, Nintendo Switch has added Joy-Con to its list. These Joy-Cons are the new kind of controllers, which are supposed to “Add a splash of style” to your Nintendo Switch Console. These Joy-Cons are pretty expensive, but the positive reviews say that it’s worth it! So today, we are going to disclose everything that is known abou Switch Joy-Con. Let’s begin!

Nintendo Switch Joy-Con

Nintendo Switch has made available its Joy-Cons which has made new kinds of gaming possible. Certainly, there are two joy Cons for each hand. And the best part is, you can use them both independently and as a single game controller with Joy-Con grip. Moreover, these Joy-Cons can also be used in handheld mode by attaching to the console. Therefore, it is known to make a variety of gaming possible. Besides, if you want to tag a friend along, you can enjoy two player mode in games.

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Now, if we talk about the mechanics, these Joy-Cons consist of two units with an analog stick and buttons for each unit. As mentioned above, these can be attached to the console or used wireless. Moreover, the pair have “Joy-Con L” and “Joy-Con R” designated to them. Also, they weigh 52.1 grams and 49 grams respectively. Besides, you can connect 8 Joy-Cons to a single switch console at once.

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On the other hand, a Joy-Con has non removable batteries. Although you don’t need to separately charge them as the Joy-Cons charge when attached to a charging console. And the best part is, these Joy-Cons are available online in many colors such as Slate Grey, Neon Red and Neon Blue, Neon Green and Neon Pink etc.

Features of Switch Joy-Con

Shinya Takahashi said that the features of Joy-Con are partially based on the players’ feedback for Wii Remote. Apparently, after using Wii Remote, players had asked for new and different design features which led to creation of these Joy-Cons. Certainly, some of the features of Nintendo Joy-Con are listed below-

  • Both the controllers have clickable analog sticks with 4 face buttons, 2 top and side buttons. They are shown as “SL” and “SR”, a “+” and “-” button.
  • There are screenshot buttons, a sync button, player indicator lights etc. Moreover, after the 2018 update, you can now record a 30 sex clip of game-play using the screenshot button.
Joy Con
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  • Nintendo Joy-Cons have “A”, “B”, “X” and “Y” buttons, “R” and “ZR” buttons and a home button.
  • Also, each Joy-Con has an accelerometer and a gyroscope for motion tracking.
  • Joy-Con R has an infrared depth tracking sensor which reads objects and motions. On the other hand, Joy-Con L contains a near field communication reader for use with Amiibo.
  • There is also a haptic feedback engine called “HD Rumble”, which generates fine tactile feedback.

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