Nintendo Switch on GameStop: Buy the Nintendo Switch from GameStop!

Recently, Among Us came to the Nintendo Switch. Other than that, there are various games available on the Nintendo Switch such as Assassins Creed, The Legend of Zelda, Super Mario Odyssey, etc. However, if you feel left out, you can get the Nintendo Switch on GameStop. Keep reading to know how to get one!

What is Nintendo Switch?

Before we move ahead, let’s first know a little about the Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch is a fairly new video game console by Nintendo. It was released around the world in 2017.

To talk about its looks, the Nintendo Switch is like a tablet, which can be used as a home console as well as a portable device. Hence, it comes under the category of what is known as “Hybrid Console”. Its controllers are wireless and have standard buttons and an analog stick for input. Moreover, you can attach the controller to both sides of the console for handheld style play. The Nintendo Switch also supports both, online gaming and wireless ad-hoc connectivity. Also, this switch is available on flash ROM cartridges as well as digital distribution.

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The Nintendo Switch is the eighth generation console. Hence it’s high in the competition with Xbox One and PS 4. Its demand can be judged by the orders placed. Certainly, around 3 million consoles were shipped after it’s fresh launch. By the year 2018, Nintendo Switch became the fastest-selling home console in Japan and the US. Last year, Nintendo Switch Lite was also released. So far, Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite have sold 68 million units worldwide.

Nintendo Switch on GameStop

GameStop is a famous retailer of video games, consumer electronics and gaming merchandise. GameStop has become the go-to for the gamers and players to buy something new at amazing offers. Hence, you can buy your Nintendo Switch from GameStop online.

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GameStop has made available both the consoles- Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite. All you need to do is go to the site and search for Nintendo Switch. The console is available in multiple colors such as Neon Blue and Neon Red, Turquoise, Grey, Coral, Yellow and others. Most importantly, GameStop gives you the option to filter as per your choice. You can set the price range, choose the franchise along with the reviews. However, if you don’t want to buy a new one and are looking for a used one in good condition or a pre-owned set, GameStop gives you that option too.

Certainly, the prices of different kinds vary. For instance, the current pricing of Nintendo Switches available on GameStop are as follows:

  1. $299.99 for Nintendo Switch with Neon Blue and Neon Red Joy-Con
  2. $179.99 for Nintendo Switch Lite Turquoise
  3. $199.99 for Nintendo Switch Lite Coral:
  4. $214.99 for Nintendo Switch Lite Turquoise(Tempered Screen)
  5.  $299.9 for Nintendo Switch Fortnite Wildcat Bundle

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