PDQ Wire does not have any say in selecting the articles displayed on our website. In certain special cases, we notify users regarding editorial decisions for the articles. We understand the relevance of the right content for our audience, and hence our approach for filtering content is comprehensive. PDQ Wire utilizes an innovative approach for renting the content you see on the website. We take the following factors into account for filtering content.

  • News algorithms
  • Sustainability
  • Ranking
  • User experience

News algorithms:

News algorithms are the first pillar of filtering content on PDQ Wire. We employ news algorithms with different features to signal the usefulness and relevance of news content. Furthermore, automated systems for compiling our news index delivers additional advantage for us in filtering content. PDQ Wire sends out news content through effective search technologies. However, you should maintain compliance with our content policies for increasing the chances of your news appearing on PDQ Wire.


News should sustain its authority for a long period of time. We filter sustainable content or evergreen content that relates to some of the notable interests and preferences of the audience. The criteria for our content filtering mechanism also includes checking out how recently the article was published. We check for the reliability of content sources for verifying them by checking for pages that demonstrate trustworthiness, expertise, and authoritativeness.


PDQ Wire looks for content that is relevant to search terms. Content that is associated with the majority of queries is considered as relevant for rankings. Articles containing the same keywords that score higher in terms of search volumes. As a result, our algorithms could display content that is relevant to the search results.

User Experience:

User experience is an element for viewing content on a site. We ensure that content is eligible for top ranking on the basis of the favorability of user experience. Our algorithms find out the compatibility of our website with different browsers, device types, and sizes. Furthermore, we also look at the loading speed of the page and the working of the website with slower Internet connections.