PDQ Media Founders Rishabh Rajvanshi and Kanishk Singh Launch PDQ Wire

Press Release

For Immediate Release

13th April 2021



PDQ Media Pvt Ltd. driven by the founders Kanishk singh and Rishabh Rajvanshi have kicked off and established a new venture PDQ Wire, a press release distribution service which provides an innovative and effective platform to catalyse organic individual idea to reach out and get noticed by the crucial partner websites for acknowledging and understanding along with directing your vision towards the apt audience.


About Company

PDQ Wire is the best platform for online marketing, which helps its user to extend their market reach, increase awareness of the brand and stun the competitors. Users can not only engage with the audience more systematically but can also address the rising issue in online PR and marketing strategy.


What do we do?

Creativity is the highest form of intelligence in mankind and must be always synthesized towards a sense of awareness amongst the people for great things to build up and contribute in the society for being of service, the medium through which your Ideas are expressed is the deciding factor to know the magnitude of effectiveness it gives for your mission. Pdq wire will aid you to have a greater outreach for your precious idea, it would reduce micromanagement and make it hassle free for any individual to connect with an exact audience of demand.

How do we execute?


Reach us out with your brilliant notion along with a pre-formed press release, we will make a distribution after a careful evaluation of approval for the partnered websites which serves the interest for your objectives of the products or services rendered through you.

Fundamental objective here by the Pdq wire is to get your ideas reach out to the targeted audiences who portray a demand for the same notion projected towards them for utilisation in some or the other way.


Procession Period? Pretty Damn Quick!

To justify our venture name, we work pretty damn quick and make the syndication and distribution of your product’s/ service’s press release process all within twenty four hours and make it readily available to the partnered websites.



Rishabh Rajvanshi, Kanishk Singh

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