Play Station Store: Everything you need to know about PS Store

The PlayStation Store abbreviated as PS Store is a digital media store available to the users of Sony’s PlayStation users that include PS3, PS4, PS5, and also PlayStation Vita Game Console. The developer of the digital media store is Sony Interactive Entertainment which launched the PS Store on 11 November 2006.

The PlayStation Store offers a wide range of downloadable contents that are available for purchase and also free of charge. The content that is available includes full games, add-on contents, themes, games, and movies trailers. It can accessible from the icon on XCrossMedia Bar on PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Portable. You can also access the service online through the website of Sony Entertainment Network.

Development of PlayStation Store

A redesigned version of PlayStation Network was launched on 15 April 2008 with the new OS to store the information quickly. A minkr update was again added later to it that makes the page pictures rotate regularly, and change navigation sound as well. The major redesign of PlayStation happened in the year 2012 with a new revised navigation system and search system. It brought game and video content together to make it easier for the users to find what they are looking for. It incorporates resolution artwork and smooth animations for the contents available. Another redesign version of PlayStation took place in Europe on 22 October 2012, and it was made globally available on 2 November 2012.

How to use PlayStation Store Network?

A master account is needed to access the PlayStation Store. The download list in the store shows all the games, and videos that the users download. Only single account is used on two consoles. Previously, a user can use an account to access the store on five consoles but Sony in the year 2012 reduced it to two. Each master account have an online virtual wallet to add funds. The wallet is debited when you purchase something from the PlayStation store. You can add money to the wallet through online or offline banking that depends on the availability of the services in countries.

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