Scientists Re-evaluate the Mammalian Brain Size!

A research has been done by the scientists of Stony Brook University and the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior on mammalian body size and its brain. The research tells about how the body size and brain of mammals are correlated. This research is based on the mammals of about 150 million years ago.

Recently these findings were published in a journal. The relativity between the brain and the body weight depicts the mammalian intelligence which was found to be not stable through out the evolution.

A team of 22 scientists were involved who examined the brain size of almost 1400 living and extinct animals. Almost 107 fossils were also examined which included old world monkey skull and ancient whales. From the skull of these animals, endocranial  data were used. Furthermore, the size of brain as well as the size of body were examined of the evolutionary animals.

Different proportion of the body weight and brain weight of the animals were examined. Like, elephants had increased body size along with the brain size whereas, dolphins had smaller body size but bigger brain size. The great apes had different body sizes but showed increase in body size along with the brain size. But the close ancestors of the humans showed decrease in body size with increasing brain size.

With all these trends followed by the animals, scientists say that intelligence of the mammals can be predicted using the size of body and size of brain together.

One of the scientist said that taking the body size for comparison may not seem to be important but it will be helpful to predict the itelligence of animals like whales, elephants. These animals generally follow a trend of having a larger body along with a larger brain but on the other hand California Sea line have a smaller brain in comparison to its body size.

So, body brain size not only depicts the intelligence of the evolutionary animals but it also tells about the adaptation of the animals towards the evolutionary environment.

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