Revolver by The Beatles: Check out the most popular songs from the album!

The Beatles have given us eras of great songs. Certainly, they have blessed our ears with 13 albums so far. However, today we are going to talk about one specific album- Revolver.
“Revolver” is the seventh studio album by The Beatles, released in August 1966. It was the group’s most overt use of studio technology to date. Hence, this album became the greatest album by The Beatles or in the history of popular music. Moreover, it was also considered to be the one of the most innovative albums. From its musical style to the lyrics, every element was unique and critically appreciated. So today, we are here to enlist some songs from the album, which became the popular hits of all time!

Eleanor Rigby

The song “Eleanor Rugby” from the album Revolver, was the one that people liked the best. Written by Lennon-McCartney, it is one of the songs that marked the band’s transformation from rock and roll and pop to more experimental and studio based band. Moreover, “Eleanor Rigby” talks about loneliness, and the neglected concerns of the elderly.

Certainly, the song was met with highly positive reviews and is known to have inspired many budding artists of the time. Above all, the song has won a Grammy Hall of Fame and an NME Award.

Love You Too

Written and sung by George Harrison, “Love You Too” is the song that features Indian instruments like sitar and tabla. Moreover, it became the first song by The Beatles in which they reflected Indian classical music influence. Above all, “Love You Too” was written by Harrison for his wife, and depicts his experience with the drug LSD. According to the critics, the song was “groundbreaking in its presentation of a non-Western musical form to rock audiences”.

This song is one of the best example of fusion music. It was known to be “one of the most brazenly erotic acts of stylish experience ever heard.”


The song “Taxman” by The Beatles is quite different from the other two songs, as it addressed the real issue of higher progressive tax in the UK. Besides the political aspect, it talks about the band’s personal issues too. Apparently, as a result of progressive tax imposed by Harold Wilson’s government, the Beatles were paying over 90% of their earnings as tax.

Coincidentally, band member Harrison at time of song release realized that their tax obligations were likely to make them go bankrupt. Certainly, the song holds musical, social and political value, as its impact reached the tax industry.

Yellow Submarine

The Beatles’ song “Yellow Submarine” from the album “Revolver” was written by McCartney as a children’s song. Certainly, like every other Beatles song, “Yellow Submarine” also topped the charts. Although the song’s US release lit up some controversy, it didn’t affect the commercial performance of the song.

On the other hand, the critics showered the song with majorly positive reviews. It was called the “most unusual easy rocker to date” by The Beatles. Moreover, the song also won an Ivor Novello Award for the highest certified sale of any single written by British songwriter.

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