Rishabh Shetty spills beans on joining Politics!

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Apr 2, 2023
Rishabh Shetty spills beans on joining Politics

Renowned Kannada film director and actor Rishab Shetty has recently addressed rumours about his alleged entry into politics. Taking to social media, he clarified that he has no intention of joining politics and appealed to his fans to support his cinema instead.

Reacting to a tweet by a journalist that claimed he was entering politics, Rishab Shetty stated that the news was false and urged the journalist to make it clear that it was April 1st – implying that the tweet was an April Fool’s joke. He also emphasized that he has been projected as a supporter of a certain political party, but made it clear that he has no plans to pursue politics.

A fan had urged Rishab to join politics and had expressed their willingness to support him. However, Rishab replied that he did not need their support in politics, and instead requested them to support his films. He emphasized that support from his fans for his films would be more than enough for him.

Rumours about Rishab’s entry into politics started circulating after the release of his latest film, Kantara. Some media outlets had reported that he was likely to join a certain political party. However, Rishab has quashed these rumours and categorically stated that he has no intention of joining politics.

Sources close to the director have revealed that he is currently focused on working on the Kantara franchise as the expectations for the film are very high across India. He has urged moviegoers to not mock the screams of God shown in the film and his temple visits, indicating that he is passionate about the movie and its subject matter.

Rishab Shetty is a well-known personality in the Kannada film industry, having directed and acted in several critically acclaimed films. He has a dedicated fan base, and his appeal to fans to support his cinema is likely to be welcomed by his supporters. His dedication to his craft and commitment to producing quality films is a testament to his love for the industry and his fans.

In conclusion, Rishab Shetty has made it clear that he is not entering politics, and has urged his fans to support his cinema instead. While there were rumours about his political aspirations, his commitment to the Kantara franchise and his passion for filmmaking make it clear that he is devoted to the industry and its workers. Let us support Rishab Shetty’s films and celebrate his contributions to the Kannada film industry.

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