Samsung Galaxy Fold Seems to Be In The Works with a Triple Fold Display

galaxy fold

Critics have also expressed concern that the Samsung Galaxy Fold is prone to severe damage due to the lack of protection around the screen hinge. Thus, various screens of the viewing unit have been damaged, or the user has accidentally removed the protective plastic film at the top of the screen (which may not work as a standard splash screen). In response to this issue, Samsung announced that it would postpone the launch of the Galaxy Fold indefinitely until the issue is resolved. Samsung officially announced the design changes in July and released the smartphone in September 2019. The company claims to have sold 1 million devices since its December 2019 launch. Still, Samsung has since declined to sell 1 million devices, confirming sales reports. Expected actual sales.

According to LetsGo Digital, Samsung may have a third foldable device called the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold Tab. Foldable tablet with two hinges and external magnetic base for S Pen (similar to Apple Pencil base on iPad Pro). By creating space between the two screens, you can keep the S Pen safe even when both screens are closed.

When closed, the Galaxy Z Fold can be used like a smartphone (albeit slim), and both screens can be folded to create a tablet with a large screen. Samsung has filed two patents. One was filed with the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) and the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO). Let’s Go Digital has released a Tab version of the Galaxy Z Fold from Chess Nest.
A few weeks ago, Samsung announced several new foldable screens in development, including an S-shaped foldable display that folds down on two hinges. That screen space opens up to a 7.2-inch screen that’s smaller than the Galaxy Z’s foldable tab.

The Samsung Galaxy Fold (later Samsung Galaxy Z Fold [required]) is a foldable Android smartphone developed by Samsung Electronics. Released on March 20, 2019, and released in South Korea on September 6, 2019. the device can be folded down to reveal a flexible 7.3-inch tablet screen. Still, a small cover screen on the front can be accessed without opening the Devices. The Galaxy Fold was controversial, praising its innovative design ahead of its launch. Still, critics noted that the plastic screen cover was not as luxurious or durable as traditional glass smartphone screens. This is not a mass-market device but a demonstration of the device concept to early adopters.

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