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score hero mod apk

One of the fastest growing industries in the 21st century is Video games and games like Score! Hero Mod Apk are well known. It is a game of wit and strategy, is a football-based game. It gives a thrilling experience even on small mobile screens. The game comes up with a great amount of content too. Comprising of 240+ levels including the bonus levels, it is a fairly interesting game. It comes with a 3D gameplay making the gameplay almost real life like. The game also enables you to represent the nation and play with your friends and make you experience rise manifold.

Details about Score Hero Mod Apk

Genres Sports
Version v 2.68
Developer First Touch Games Ltd
Requirements 4.4 and up
Size 98 MB
MOD Features Money increase when spent!
Update 8 January,2021

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What is Score! Hero Mod Apk 

Created by First Touch, an award-winning enterprise for its games. This is surely a very exceptional and famous football game amongst all competitors. The game transforms your fantasy about turning into a football legend into a reality. The Score Hero comes with a great 3D interactivity making the gaming experience class apart.

The game enables you to make your customized football player a football legend by going through extreme levels where the player will have the abilities which will make them a superior football player. It is now no longer simply football, but a fantastic simulator. All you have to do is bet your pass, masterfully stay clear of enemy assaults and kick the ball instantly into the goal.


Once you get started with the game, you won’t be in a mood to leave or quit in between. But the game has some in app purchases and to continue with the game at a good pace you need to make those purchases. The more money you spend in the game, the more money and energy you get. With the mod apk you can do the purchases for free. You just need to download the apk from the link given above and you are set to go. The Score! Hero Mod Apk flaunts an amazing interactivity where the player can protect and shoot making it look like a real-life experience. There are around 580 or more levels which the gamer can play.

Features of Score! Hero Mod Apk

The game provides with an opportunity to represent your country or favorite football clubs by scoring goals and winning trophies and it comes with the best possible features. A few of them are listed below:

1.     All levels unlocked

If you wish to explore all the level, you will have to do pay the money. But using the mod apk version, you can go through different levels without paying anything. The mod apk provides you with unlimited money, unlimited energy and complete rewind.

2.     Graphics

What makes this game so popular is the impeccable 3D gameplay. The graphics make the players believe as if they are playing a real-life football match almost. Not for once you will feel like you are playing on your android device. The 3D gameplay makes all the shots extremely clear and smooth.

You can even customize your hero to perfectly resemble your quality traits by using the option of customization available in the Score! Hero Apk. This feature is what makes the game a must play.

3.     Storyline

Doesn’t the game become monotonous if it’s just about playing. This game adds an interesting feature by introducing a storyline. Score Hero Mod Apk comes with a very motivating and engaging. The protagonist of the game is a common guy who works on upgrading his soccer skills. It leads to his transformation into a hero and then eventually into a football legend by acquiring skills throughout the game.

Gameplay of Score! Hero Mod Apk

The gameplay isn’t very easy, making it an interesting game to follow. The game is divided into 32 chapters and in each chapter, you need to go through certain levels. You are required to place a ton of thought into your next pass. You have a triangle of vision to work with and can just pass inside that triangle. A terrible first pass could leave your major part in a position where there is nobody in the triangle to pass to straightaway.

You can control the direction of the ball, at the same time the opponent too, moves to predict your attack. If they turn out be right in guessing your move, then your attack will definitely be blocked and most likely make a turning point in the match. You need to attempt to coordinate with the ball’s pace to the running players movement, strategically making your way through all the defender. Yes, you thought it right, it functions like real football.

The game allows you to become a striker, defender, goalkeeper as per your convenience. You can choose to become whoever you like. You are required to complete 3 tasks in each game and win stars which help you proceed in the game. The stars also affect the transition as you move from season to season. The best thing is as the game progresses, your hero will receive additional skills which would be required to surpass the following seasons.


The Hearts play a vital role in the game progression. Each match gives you certain number of attempts to replay a dangerous moment. At the point when a player inaccurately carries out an assault, or when he doesn’t score any goal, one heart is spent. Altogether, you can spend 5 hearts for every gathering. Remember that at significant levels it is difficult to pass or hit, as each game will have diverse moments.

Dollars is the game money that permits you to rewind an awful second in a match to undo your bad move. The higher the soccer group is in the League, the more you can procure the currency

How to install Score! Hero Mod Apk?

  1. Download the Score Hero Mod Apk through the link provided in the article. It is better if you download using the mobile phone for easy completion. If you download it through the laptop, you need to transfer it again to the mobile to install. But if you are downloading it for the emulator purpose, you can download it on the PC.
  2. After the download completion, head towards your mobile phone’s downloads folder and find the APK. Then you need to tap on it to start the installation process.
  3. Before starting with the installation process of the APK, make sure you have allowed the installation of unknown apps on your mobile. If not, then please enable it to ensure the proper installation.


With 3D graphics and realistic design, Score Hero Mod Apk has become the most preferred football video game. The audience cheering, deep analytic commentary boosts your enthusiasm during the game. “Score Hero” has the mixing mechanism of a puzzle game. The underlying fact about the game is the storyline where you start as an ordinary man and transform into a football legend by making progress in the game through the skills. All these points strictly indicate why this game is a must to have for all the boys and girls out there.

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