Skate 3: How does one of the top video-games is played?

Are you a passionate skateboarder and an avid gamer? If yes, then the perfect game for would be Skate 3. It certainly is a great combination of two kinds of games for you. Moreover, this game is already one of the top games since the last ten years. However, today we are here to inform you with Skate 3’s facts and game-play. Let’s begin!

What is Skate 3?

Skate is one of the oldest video gaming series, running for more than ten years. Certainly, Skate 3 is the third installment in the Skate series. As mentioned, Skate was launched in 2007 followed by its first sequel in 2009. Skate 3 made it to PlayStation and Xbox 360 in 2010.

skate 3 As the name already suggests, Skate 3 is a video game based on skateboarding, which continues the story of Skate 2. Hence, this game is set some time after Skate 2 and the player goes by “The Legend” now! According to the story, the players are attending Port Carverton University. Moreover, their new goal is to be a skateboarding mogul by creating a team of skaters like them. Hence they aim to sell over a million boards around Port Carverton, which enables them to wear the new style of clothing.

What is Skate 3 about?

Set in an open world environment, Skate 3 is played from a third person perspective. It is set in Port Carverton, a city that embraces the sport of skateboarding. The new location looks more colorful and friendlier, which doesn’t seek skateboarding as a crime. Moreover, there are three districts in Port Carverton: Downtown, Industrial and the University. Certainly, all the three districts have different looks and designs.

The thing the people might love the most would be the appearances made by skateboard professionals. It brings Danny Way, Darren Navarette, Terry Kennedy, Eric Koston, Pat Duffy, Chris Cole and Jason Lee.

Unlike the prequels, Skate 3 has no offline multiplayer game modes. Besides, there are two new difficulty levels- Easy and Hardcore. They give realistic and greater control and realistic and tricky game-play respectively. Skate 3 also has a “Skate School” with Coach Frank teaching you the basics of skateboarding. Moreover, this game features a”Skate-Park” similar to Tony Hawk. It enables the players to build or create custom skate parks.

Skate 3: Reviews

Developed by EA Black Box, Skate 3 has enjoyed favorable reviews from the critics. The game was called, “a great follow-up to Skate 2 but it might be a bit too close for comfort…”Skate 3 was scored 8 out of 10 by The Daily Telegraph and Wired. Wired also commented, “it doesn’t take gamers anywhere as exotic or over the top. And that’s its charm”. Moreover, the game’s realistic setting and positive environment received great appreciation. Certainly, The Escapist said, “Fans of the series will find more to love in the third installment. For newcomers, this is the most accessible and fun skateboarding game there is.”

Above all, the new Skate title was confirmed to in development in June 2020.

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