Slap away Monotony with Slap Kings Mod Apk!

Slap kings mod Apk

While we juggle daily chores and work, frustrations are peaking and there are very limited ways to deal with them. Of course, you can work out and use up that energy. You can also slap it away. We aren’t talking about real life, but the game Slap Kings Mod Apk. The content of the game basically revolves around a worldwide slap competition. To become the king of slapping, you’ll need to hone in your skills and become a warrior in the arena. Charge up your hand before each slap to get the most out of your devastating slap blows and make opponents fly out of the ring like fish out of water!

What is new in Slap Kings Mod Apk

1. The Design Uniqueness

Although the main gameplay is to attack the opponent by slapping, the arena is designed by the publisher very professionally. It’s not even a boxing tournament. All around, there is a fence surrounded by the audience watching you and your opponent. The two separated by the table and used it as momentum for destructive slaps. Your characters slap their way through opponent after opponent in various themed locations accompanied by a hilarious background score.

2. Stress Buster

It may sound rude but there isn’t better stress bursting mechanism than slapping someone for free, without any reason. Slap King is designed in the most unique manner with cartoonish visual which leaves you laughing like a clown.

3. Satisfies all age groups

Majority of the games demand high skills and tactics to keep going. But slap kings come with the easiest mechanics and is pretty much straightforward game. All the age groups from toddlers to grandparents can relax and enjoy while playing this game.

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Slap Kings is a surprisingly fun game. The gameplay, while repetitive, is very addicting. The details in the game are worth praising as it is not normally seen in free-to-play mobile games.

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