Songs that helps you to sleep and relaxes the mind !

Music is a powerful art form. It reproves sleep hygiene, improving the ability to fall asleep quickly, and feel more rested. Music can help to sleep by making feel at ease and relaxed. Everyone has a stress hormone called noradrenaline. The hormone has to be in control and if it increases more than the desired level then it will cause stress and the person will not be able to sleep. Before going to sleep listening to relaxing music can reduce the hormone level. There are many songs that can cause relaxation during sleep. During childhood, almost everyone had heard lullabies from their mother or grandmother before sleep. It will be a good habit to listen to songs before sleeping.

List of sleeping songs –

Foals – Moon –  From Holy Fire, it’s a glorious nugget of soporific goodness. Release Date – 2013, Singer – Foal.

Tame Impala – Sun’s Coming Up – This album is for those dawn snoozes after a big night out. Release Date – 2012, Singer – Tame Impala.

Blur – No Distance Left To Run – This album is referred to as Blur vocalist Damon Albaran’s separation from his long-term partner. Release Date – 1999, Singer – Damon Albaran.

Warpaint – Shadows – This is a slightly rapped ballad. Release Date – 2010, Singer – Warpaint.

Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Wedding Song (Acoustic) – This song was played by Karen O at her wedding. Release Date – 2013.

Jeff Buckley –Everybody Here Wants You – This song is a perfect example of smooth and soulful. Release Date – 1998. Singer – Jeff Buckley.

The Strokes – Under Cover Of Darkness – The song is a bit frenetic. Release Date – 2011, Singer – The American Rock Band The Strock.

Coldplay – Shiver –  The song lyrics are a reference to Martin’s unrequited love. Release Date – 2000, Singer – British Rock Band Coldplay.

Radiohead – How To Disappear Completely – The lyrics came from what Michael Stipe said to the singer. Release Date – 2000. Singer – English Rock Band Radiohead.

PJ Harvey – Is This Desire – It is a demo compilation of tracks from the album Is This Desire? Release Date – 1998, Singer – PJ Harvey.


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