Sophia Bush: Sophia’s life, not as an actor, but an activist!

We all know Sophia Bush from the legendary show “One Tree Hill”. She is a very famous actor, director and a producer. Certainly, people talk about her acting skills, and the movies and shows she directed. However, it’s now time to introduce you to Sophia Bush as an activist. She has always been actively raising awareness about world events. Sophia is always ready to fight for a good cause and involve others to bring a change. Today, we are going to take a look at such instances, where Sophia came out in support of the right thing. Let’s begin!

Sophia Bush speaking for Equal Rights

Sophia Bush has been a firm supporter of same sex marriage and gay rights. She believes that every individual, regardless of race, socioeconomic background or gender, deserves equal rights. And Sophia always let her voice be heard. For instance, Sophia was a part of the Funny or Die video called “A Gaythering Storm”. The video was a parody of the National Organisation of Marriage’s video, which openly objected same sex marriage.

Moreover, Bush also appeared in the rally to protest “Proposition 8”, made by the opponents of same-sex marriage.

Sophia Bush standing for Environment

It’s not just about the equal rights, Sophia is there to help save the environment too. In 2010, Sophia set up a fundraiser to help the people of the Gulf of Mexico, who were impacted by the Deepwater Horizon oil spill. Subsequently, Sophia went to Louisiana and shared the horrific problems people were facing due to the spill. Besides, to support her fundraiser, Bush committed to run half a marathon, even when she had a knee injury and asthma.

Following that event, Sophia decided to raise more environmental awareness in teens. Hence, she teamed up with “Do Something” to fulfill that motive. On the other hand, Bush was also the spokesperson to endorse the ‘eMission’ launch. It was a game by Facebook, which was meant to involve America’s youth in fighting climate change.

Sophia Bush’s “Time’s Up”

Another addition to the list is the “Time’s Up” movement. It is a movement against sexual harassment, and Sophia is its founding member. As a result, Time’s Up movement managed to raise around $22 million for its legal defense fund. On the other hand, the movement got nearly 800 lawyers to volunteer in helping survivors. Moreover, Sophia contributed by creating a clothing line for “Planned Parenthood”. She also gave an empowering speech at the Women’s March in 2018.

Achievements for Activism

Sophia Bush's Do Something Twitter Award
Source: Just Jared

Sophia has worked for equal rights, clean environment, children’s education and women issues. Certainly, good work deserves appreciation. Besides acting, Sophia has been rightfully honored for her activism as well. Certainly, Sophia is a recipient of the Nelson Mandela Changemaker Award and Do Something Twitter Award. She also won an award to “Redefine Possible Women’s Leadership”

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