South Korea fertility rate hits rock bottom!

South Korea schools

South Korea fertility rate thumped rock-bottom at 0.84 newborns per South Korean woman this year, according to a 2021 statistics summary on South Korean labours and demises published by the South Korean administration.

It’s a distant whimper from its 1960 peak of six deliveries per woman, according to data compiled from the World Bank. South Korea now has the poorest fertility ratio on the earth. For comparison, the remainder of East Asia and the Pacific has a normal fertility ratio of 1.8 kids per woman. And in the US, the fertility ratio continues at approximately 1.7 children per woman.

Due to this situation in the country, many schools and academics are closing down. The Chung-Il Girls School is in Daejeon, a drowsy town around 140 kilometres from Seoul.

Its crumbling panels, blown-out windows, and dilapidated facade colour a stark distinction to the tidy, costume ceilings of suburban Daejeon. The academy shuttered in 2005 after its final bunch of girls passed in 2004, as per regional news portal JoongAng Ilbo. It is presently a hotspot for adventure-seekers, spirit hunters, and metropolitan adventurers, some of whom propel their means down from Seoul to tour the academy’s ravages.

A total of 3,725 schools closed across South Korea between 1982 and 2016. Chung-Il High is one of the thousands of South Korean academies that were constrained to shutter over the latter four decades due to a scarcity of learners.

From 1982 to 2016, 3,725 academies across the nation shut down due to an absence of pupils. This smoothes out to a standard of 113 schools shutting every year, as per Yonhap News.

According to the Korea Herald, 62.7% of the shuttered academy properties were auctioned to real property architects to be ripped down. But that removed some 1,350 schools’ stature, with no one to utilize them.

This year, the nation documented a tragic fresh milestone: 2021 was the first time in the nation’s documented record that the number of casualties outpaced the number of deliveries.

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