The Sonic Hedgehog Comparison : Old Versus New

Adventure lovers are no alien to the name Sonic The Hedgehog, and why one should be when there is a blend of comedy adventure and cation. Sonic the Hedgehog is a movie that was supposed to be released in 2018 itself but then it turned out to be that paramount pictures decided to reschedule it to November 2019. The development of the same was taking place since the 1990s but the plan could not be executed until 2013 when Sony pictures acquired the rights. Anyway, let’s have a look at the Sonic Hedgehog developments and their redesign.

Criticism of the fans:

In the April of this year, the Paramount theatres released the trailer for its The Hedgehog Franchise but unfortunately as soon as the viewers saw it, they entered condemning. the fans of the show were supposedly not happy with the trailer and stated that the creators, in the trial to make it more realistic have ended up creating something that is seriously and fairly disturbing. The trailer was not appreciated and thus the creators were called for an amendment

Jeff Fowler’s Promise:

After the backlash, the show received in the first go, the director of the film promises to all his viewers that he would make amendment for the better and something that would be worth appreciating. He added that he would attempt to change sonic’s design and make it as lovely as possible as the audience used to connect and admire.

The changes:

Sonic’s eyes are the most noticeable change that one would come across. They have been much bigger and bold in the newer version. Next on the list is the defined eyebrows that would depict the emotions that he feels. The amendments also include the cartoonish nose, teeth, and moth of course that appears to be cuter. In the older version, one could notice the human-like teeth underneath his lips but now that they are hidden, the audience feels more connected. Something that the fans loved was the dismissal of defined bones like one finds in the human body. Talking about his fur, it’s now reflecting vibrant blue and his cute belly appears more charming after being changed to tan.


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